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If you’re having trouble starting training or are hesitant to participating in an obstacle course race, this is the page for you! Your journey towards the Toughest finish line starts here.

Let’s go!

Common excuses

Let’s be honest. It’s easy to come up with excuses, we all do it from time to time. To help you beat your mental obstacles, we have listed the most common excuses and answered them. Use the answers to convince both yourself and friends to participate. See you at the starting line!

NO. You are crazy.

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Obstacle course racing is an adrenaline-packed and memorable experience you will be proud to have completed.

99.5% of all participants cross the finishline, 95% say that they will run again and Toughest has even been rewarded the Best European obstacle course race.

The youngest finisher was 5 years old and the oldest was 85 years. If they could, so can you!

Obstacle course racing seems dangerous. Is it really safe?

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Although more intense than a traditional sports event, our injury rate is far less than other common sports such as soccer. We are dedicated to give you the safest and most memorable experience possible.

That’s too hard for me! How am I supposed to do that!?

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When you participate in a Toughest race, You are in control. Only you decide how difficult or easy your race experience will be.

  • You don’t have to beat all obstacles, even though it’s great if you at least try! You always have the possibility to choose the penalty round, which is a jog of about 100m.
  • Run or walk. You decide! There is no time restriction and you can complete the race in a pace that suits you.
  • If you need extra help with preparation, there is an award-winning obstacle course gym in Malmö, a digital training portal and certified trainers across Sweden.

I’m scared of heights! I don’t know if I can handle the challenge.

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Although some obstacles seem big and intimidating, most obstacles are actually performed on or close to ground level.

Toughest is all about challenging yourself. It’s about surprising yourself by doing something you never thought you could do. All that matters is that you try.

Approach the obstacle and evaluate the situation on the spot instead of deciding the outcome in advance! If you can’t do it, that’s totally fine. Continue to the next obstacle. If you manage to overcome your fears, you will feel an adrenaline rush and pride you won’t forget.

Believe in yourself! You are awesome and are capable of much more than you think.

The race is too long. I will never manage get through that.

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Although your time is tracked on the main race, you may run completely in your own pace. Stop and rest when you need it. Walk if you need to. What’s important is that you start moving!

If the barrier still feels too great, you can try out Toughest Family. The Family race is a shorter version of the main race and has no time tracking. Many choose this to try obstacle course racing for the first time.

I won’t be able to get in shape in time for the race.

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Obstacle course racing may seem challenging, but it is never too late to start training! Most Toughest participants are amateurs wanting to challenge themselves, both physically and mentally.

Not in your best shape for the race? It doesn’t matter! Set a goal to simply cross the finish line or to beat a certain number of obstacles. You don’t need the beat them all and stand on the podium. Everyone participates on their own terms. You and you only decide the terms of the race.

My hands and arms aren’t strong enough.

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Some obstacles may seem hard to handle, but with the right technique and attitude, you will be able to do it. Grip strength is needed for some obstacles, but only enough to carry your own body weight.

Start training today!
Hang from stairs, a branch or bar for 10 seconds. Rest a moment and repeat 2 times more (total 3x10sec). Do the same exercise the following day. Feeling good? Gradually increase the time and repetitions as you get stronger. You will be amazed of how fast you improve.

If you need extra help with preparation, there is an award-winning obstacle course gym in Malmö, a digital training portal and certified trainers across Sweden.

That’s no big deal. I want something more challenging!

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How easy or difficult your race is, is completely up to you.

Not hard enough? Choose the “Fast lane” instead of the regular obstacle. Fast lanes are available on selected obstacles and are a harder, more technically challenging versions of the obstacle.

Not enough? Add “Double Distance” when you sign up and run two laps around the course!

Still not impressed? Sign up for Toughest’s competition class and compete against some of the best obstacle course race athletes out there. In these classes you must follow Toughest’s official competition rules and can qualify for Toughest Tour, Toughest Championship and the world cup of obstacle course racing, OCR WC.

What are you waiting for!?

Sign up for a race near you.

Upcoming races

Not convinced? Continue reading!

Obstacles designed for you.

Participate on your own terms

You will encounter a wide range of obstacles along the course. Our obstacles are designed to test your both your physical and mental strength in ways you may not have experienced before. But don’t worry, there are options!

  • Too hard? Take a short jog around our penalty lane instead.
  • Too easy? Try our signature “Fast Lanes” (on selected obstacles) which are more technically challenging versions of the regular obstacle.
  • Race too long? Rest when you need to. Walk when you need to. Just have fun and challenge yourself at your own pace.
Our Obstacles Our Concept

Not in shape?
Not a problem.

You are in control

When participating in a Toughest race you are given total control of the challenge. You don’t need to beat all obstacles, although we encourage you to at least try. Run or walk. You decide! There is no time restriction and you can complete the race in a pace that suits you.

If you need an extra helping hand, make sure to check out our training portal, Get Ready for Toughest, where you’ll find all the tips and tricks you need to prepare for the race.

Get Ready For Toughest

Which challenge do you choose!?

We have obstacle course races for everyone, whether you are a happy amateur or elite athelete.

How much do you move?

Everyone knows that it’s important to move. Regular exercise is good for both physical and mental health. According to WHO, you should exercise at least 150 minutes a week to gain a positive effect on your health.

Most people don’t
move enough

Every day movement reduces stress, sickness & pain and improves both your sleep and memory.

  • Studies show that only one out of five youths move enough.
  • Middle-aged persons spend more than half their day awake sitting, eight hours in average.

Ok, hint taken!

A fitness goal
you look forward to

Our obstacle course helps you get started

Feel better

To have a clear goal is an effective way to get you started with your training. Sign up for one of our races and set reasonable goals according to your own fitness level! You don’t have to complete all obstacles. You don’t even have to run the entire course. What’s important is that you show up at the starting line and improve your health along the way.

Come closer

Most of our participants run with their family, friends and colleagues. Our obstacle course races are very effective for team building and will strengthen you as a group. Help each other start training and help each other along the course. Everything’s easier and more fun together with others.

Let us guide you

Don’t know where to start? Create an account at our digital training portal, Get Ready for Toughest, and gain access to our bank of tips, technique and training programs which will help you with both physical and mental preparation. At Toughest LAB in Malmö you can try out many of our obstacles by booking a group training or PT session.

Get the best possible preparation

Training programs, technique videos and tips

With our online training portal, Get Ready For Toughest, you’ll be well prepared for you next race. Watch exclusive technique videos, receive valuable tips and create a personal training program to complete for yourself or with your team mates. We’ll guide you through both physical and mental preparation so that you can approach the starting line with confidence.

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Try and practice on real obstacles

Award-winning obstacle gym in Malmö

Obstacle courses may seem intimidating for many. In fact, good technique is more important than physical strength. Book a group training session or get a tailored workout with one of our personal trainers. Try out obstacles, learn techniques and get tips on how to prepare for the race!

About Toughest LAB

Find trainers close to you

Training tailored for obstacle course racing

Our certified trainers are specialized in obstacle course racing and will help you with all the preparation you need for you race. Book a session with a trainer close to you!

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Things you didn’t know
about Toughest

We work hard to give you the best race experience possible and are proud to have been voted Best European obstacle course race for 7 years!

Cross the finish line


Will run again


Customer satisfaction

4.5 / 5

Run in group


Our youngest finisher

5 yrs

Our oldest finisher

78 yrs

Participants over the years

200 k+

Races over the years


Voted Best in Europe


What should you wear?

When running an obstacle course race it is important to have the right clothes and equipment. Find your kit at our partners!

Leading sports retail store in the Nordics

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Fashionable training clothes

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Upcoming obstacle races

Event Location Date Price
May 25, 2024
RibersborgMay 25, 2024949 SEK
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Malmö Xplore
May 26, 2024
RibersborgMay 26, 2024799 SEK
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Malmö Family
May 26, 2024
RibersborgMay 26, 2024399 SEK
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Jun 15, 2024
Lida FriluftsgårdJun 15, 2024949 SEK
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Stockholm Xplore
Jun 16, 2024
Lida FriluftsgårdJun 16, 2024799 SEK
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Stockholm Family
Jun 16, 2024
Lida FriluftsgårdJun 16, 2024399 SEK
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Sep 7, 2024
HolmenkollenSep 7, 2024949 NOK
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Oslo Xplore
Sep 8, 2024
HolmenkollenSep 8, 2024799 NOK
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Oslo Family
Sep 8, 2024
HolmenkollenSep 8, 2024399 NOK
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Sep 21, 2024Upcoming price adjustment
KvibergSep 21, 2024849 SEK
Next price increase:
Jun 1, 2024.
More info
Gothenburg Xplore
Sep 22, 2024Upcoming price adjustment
KvibergSep 22, 2024699 SEK
Next price increase:
Jun 1, 2024.
More info
Gothenburg Family
Sep 22, 2024Upcoming price adjustment
KvibergSep 22, 2024349 SEK
Next price increase:
Jun 1, 2024.
More info
Aug 2, 2025
Kläppen Ski ResortAug 2, 2025749 SEK
Next price increase:
Nov 1, 2024.
More info
Sälen Xplore
Aug 3, 2025
Kläppen Ski ResortAug 3, 2025599 SEK
Next price increase:
Nov 1, 2024.
More info
Sälen Family
Aug 3, 2025
Kläppen Ski ResortAug 3, 2025299 SEK
Next price increase:
Nov 1, 2024.
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