Toughest Elite

Pro OCR Athletes

The Elite is our most prestigious and challenging competition class. Run amongst pro OCR athletes throughout the season, chase valuable points for the Toughest Championship race, and battle for a spot on the podium.

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As an Elite Athlete, you will compete in the Toughest Tour to earn points.

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The top 20 elites will earn a spot in the prestigious Toughest Championship race.

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OCR WC Qualification

All Elite heats are qualifying for OCR WC Pro Heats.

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Toughest Championship

Earn points and become the Toughest Champion

Toughest Elite is a part of the Tour, consisting of about 50 men and 50 women competing for tour points throughout the season. The top 20 athletes with most points after the season will be given a spot in the Toughest Championship race, where the final Toughest Champion will be crowned.

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Featured profile:
Jon Albon

Meet Jon Albon: A true OCR superstar with multiple Elite and OCR WC victories on his track record.

Become a pro athlete

What it takes to run with the elite


To compete as an Elite athlete in the Tour, you must have finished as top 30 in one of our races, as either an Elite or Qualifier. Athletes with top 20 placements in OCR WC (Pro Heat) or OCR EC (15 km) are also eligible.

Admitted elite athletes will be notified personally before each season with further information about the upcoming season.

About Qualifiers


If you have other substantial merits, or previously have qualified for the elite, you can apply for a spot as a wildcard.

Contact us to apply for wildcard. Make sure to submit your name, merits and which race you wish to run.
Application must be sent 3 weeks before the Tour starts at latest.

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