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Toughest has been named winner of “Best European OCR Race” for five consecutive years. Although proud of the awards, we intend to make each year better than the last.

Our main race is perfect for adults, teams and elite athletes. First start is kicked off during the morning where our Elite and Qualifier athletes will consecrate the course. New groups will then start about every 5 minutes. If you’re not participating in the race, you are welcome to join the festivities at our large event area. Take a seat on the bleachers, grab som food or check some featured products from our sponsors.

Terrain course

On the course you will encounter approx. 6-8 km of varied terrain.

Variety of obstacles

Every event contains approx. 30-40 obstacles of varied size and we make sure to update these on a regular basis.

Fast lanes

Choose our Fast Lane if you want an extra challenge and gain some time.

Penalty rounds

Is the obstacle too hard? No problem. Choose our penalty round and continue the race.


All participants will receive a time tracking chip. The results are posted on our website.


Running as a group? Make sure to enter your team name to ensure that you get the same starting time.

Elite & Qualifiers

Do you wish to compete with our Elite and qualify for the world championships? Read more here.


Round up your friends and run as a team! Help your team mates to complete obstacles and cheer each other on. The more the merrier!

Event area

At our event area you will find food, music and shops. Come on down and join the festivities!

Fast lanes & Penalty rounds

It goes without saying that everyone, regardless of fitness level and ambition, should be able to complete the race. On many obstacles, you will therefore be able to choose from several options. Normal lane – for those wanting to complete the regular obstacle. Fast lane – for those wanting an extra challenge and gain some time. Penalty round – for those wanting to pass and complete a more simple challenge instead.

Which path do you choose!?

Double Distance

Double the distance, double the fun

Can’t get enough? Make sure to select “Double Distance” during registration. This allows you to run an extra lap at a reduced price.

2 laps

All double distance runners will start in an early starting group. There will be a queue by the starting area for the second lap. The second lap must be started before the last regular starting group of the day.

Vest included

You will receive a dedicated vest (one-size) at the registration tent at the event area. The vest must be used during the race. You are allowed to keep the vest after the race.


To qualify for the commercial world championships, OCR WC, your second lap must be started within 5 min after the end of your first lap (transit time will be published in the result list). Your final result is calculated by summarizing the time for lap 1 and 2.

Family Race

Want to bring your kids or perhaps try a lighter version of our main events? Then Toughest Family is definitely something for you.

Learn more

General Concept

Make sure to visit our concept page to learn more about the event in general.

Learn more

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