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Toughest has won the “Best international obstacle course race” for an impressive seven years! We are of course very proud of this achievement and we work hard to make each year better than the last.

If you’re thinking of running an OCR, you have come to the right place!

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Main race is perfect for:

  1. Friends
  2. Amateurs
  3. Elite athletes
  4. Companies
  5. Kick-offs
  6. Team building

Choose the main race if you want the complete, award-winning Toughest experience. 99.5% cross the finish line and we’re absolutely sure that you can do it!

What to expect

Feel the adrenaline in a memorable achievement which you will brag about for ages! Our main race is perfect for adults, teams and elite athletes who are looking for the full obstacle course experience. Accept the challenge and discover that your are tougher than you think!

✓  Terrain course

On the course you will encounter varied terrain, normally around 8 km (local deviations may occur).

✓  Variety of obstacles

Every race contains approx. 30-40 obstacles of varied size and difficulty level. See the map for each race for more info!

✓  Fast lanes

If you want an extra challenge, choose our more technical Fast Lane, available on selected obstacles!

✓  Penalty rounds

Is the obstacle too hard? No problem. Take a short jog on our penalty round and then continue the race.

✓  Timing

All participants will receive a time tracking chip. The results are posted on our website.

✓  Event area

At our event area you will find food, music and our shop. Come on down and join the festivities!

Groups & teams

The more, the merrier!

Gather your friends and colleagues and run as a team! Help your team mates to complete obstacles and cheer each other on towards the finish line! 9/10 of our participants choose to run in groups to share the experience.

Make sure to sign up with the same team name and we’ll place you in the same starting group!

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Fast lanes & Penalty rounds

It goes without saying that everyone, regardless of fitness level and ambition, should be able to complete the race. On many obstacles, you will therefore be able to choose from several options. Normal lane – for those wanting to complete the regular obstacle. Fast lane – for those wanting an extra challenge and gain some time. Penalty round – for those wanting to pass and complete a more simple challenge instead.

Which path do you choose!?

Not challenging enough?

Double Distance, Elite, Qualifier

If you want to take the race experience to the next level, read more about Double Distance and our competition classes Elite / Qualifier via the link below!

Next level

Find an obstacle course that suits you!

We have race formats for everyone, happy amateurs and elite athletes alike.

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