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If our main race feels overwhelming, Toughest Xplore is the obstacle course race for you! Explore the course on your own pace, according to your own abilities. The only requirement is that you have fun!

Perfect if you want to try OCR for the first time or are looking for a lighter challenge!

Tell me more!

Xplore is perfect for:

  1. Beginners
  2. Friends
  3. Amateurs
  4. Companies
  5. Kick-offs
  6. Team building
  7. Bridal showers
  8. Bachelor parties

Not sure if obstacle course racing is for you? Then Xplore is a great place to start!

What to expect

At Xplore you will meet a selection of our full-scale obstacles on a shorter course. Run along on your own pace and challenge yourself according to your own abilities!

✓  No pressure

No requirements or pressure. Only do the challenges you feel comfortable with!

✓  Terrain course

On the course you will encounter varied terrain, normally around 4 km (local deviations may occur).

✓  Selected obstacles

At Xplore we have removed our toughest obstacles. The challenges are carefully selected to fit all abilities.

✓  No penalties

At Xplore there are no penalties. Do your best and try again/continue to the next obstacle if you can’t complete.

✓  No timing

Experience obstacle course racing on your own pace. We have removed time tracking so that you can enjoy the race on your own terms.

✓  Event area

At our event area you will find food, music and our shop. Come on down and join the festivities!

Groups & teams

The more, the merrier!

Gather your friends and colleagues and run as a team! Help your team mates to complete obstacles and cheer each other on towards the finish line! 9/10 of our participants choose to run in groups to share the experience.

Make sure to sign up with the same team name and we’ll place you in the same starting group!

Find tickets

Find an obstacle course that suits you!

We have race formats for everyone, happy amateurs and elite athletes alike.

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