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Find the right clothes and gear for your obstacle course race.

Toughest is an obstacle course race which will put your clothes and gear to the test. Prepare yourself to get sweaty, muddy and wet! Not sure what to wear? Read our tips below and find your next kit at our partners!

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Tips for what to wear on obstacle course races

Ditch the cotton!

Choose moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester or nylon blends. These materials pull sweat away from your skin, dry out quickly and prevents chafing during the race.

Find the perfect fit

Ill-fitting clothes can work against you on the course. Baggy clothes snag on obstacles, while too-tight options restrict movement. Look for clothes that fit snugly but allow for a full range of motion.

Grip is key

Although regular training shoes will work just fine (most run in these), a good pair of trail running shoes with treads for mud and uneven terrain will make a big difference. Better grip will give you more confidence and you will consume less energy while completing the obstacles.

While not essential for everyone, consider a pair of gloves. They can protect your hands and offer extra grip on wet obstacles.

Reduce scrapes & chafing

If you worry about scrapes & chafing, long sleeved shirts and compression tights are great for protecting your arms and legs when crawling and climbing.

Layer up (if needed)

Let’s face it. Weather can be unpredictable. We recommend you to check the weather reports and dress accordingly. Bring a breathable base layer to wear underneath your training jersey (if needed).

After the race

Remember to bring an extra pair of warm & clean clothes to wear after the race. Socks, shirts, sweaters, pants, you name it. As long as it’s dry, warm and comfortable, you’ll be glad you brought them!

Comfort. Comfort. Comfort.

Comfort is more important than anything else! Train in your chosen outfit beforehand to ensure it performs well and doesn’t cause any surprises on race day. Now get out there and conquer those obstacles!

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