May 16, 2021
Mud, Water, Sand

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Welcome to Toughest Family in Malmö – a fun and challenging race for children and adults alike. 2019 hosted over 3 000 participants and we’re looking forward to yet another memorable day at Ribersborg. 2 km, 20 obstacles and festivities you won’t soon forget.
Current price 249 SEK Next price adjustment: DEC 1, 2020


Registration fees are adjusted throughout the registration period. The earlier you sign up, the more you save. Registration closes about one week before the event.

Sep 1, 2020 249 SEK
Dec 1, 2020 299 SEK
Feb 1, 2021 349 SEK
May 16, 2021 Race day

What’s included

When you run our family races, you’ll always get the following

  1. Ticket
  2. Race bib
  3. Medal
  4. Finisher bracelet
  5. Finisher photo
  6. Sponsor products
  7. Free bag drop
  8. Quality time with your family

Local sponsors

The Family Course

Our obstacles at Toughest Family are adapted to make sure that children can complete them safely. The adjustments are made in height, length & difficulty.

(Map coming soon)

Good to know

About Toughest Family

Concept in brief
What does the race involve?

The race is about 2 km and includes about 20 obstacles. Our standard obstacles are arranged to be fun and challenging for children and adults.

Who can run Toughest Family?

Toughest Family is a great activity where children and adults can run and challenge themselves together. Minimum age is 5 years (based on birth year). All children must be accompanied by at least one adult (18+ years). Note that adults take full responsibility for the underage participants in their group. Although all underage participants must have necessary permission from their parents/legal guardians, it is not required for the parents to run as long as their child is accompanied by another adult.

With that said, children are not mandatory for running our Family races. Many adults choose this format as a lighter and less challenging alternative to our main race.

Do I need to know how to swim?

No, swimming is not a requirement. Although water obstacles exist, these are optional.

Is it safe?

We always put safety first and the injury rate at our events is relatively low. Medical staff is present at the event area, on the course and by our water obstacles. It is important that all adults assess each obstacle and help children in their group to complete the obstacles safely.

Are there any physical requirements?

No, our courses are designed so that anyone, regardless of their physical level, can complete them on their own terms. Complete the obstacle by yourself or do it together with your team mates, it is all up to you. Many of our obstacles have alternative lanes where you can choose the difficulty level.

Do I need to complete all obstacles?

No. All obstacles are optional and you decide if you wish to make an attempt or not. If you don’t make it, go back and try again or simply continue to the next obstacle.

Read more about the Family concept via the link below.

Family Concept


Practical information
Where can I find my starting number?

Your preliminary starting number is found in the confirmation E-mail, received upon registration. Your final starting number will be notified via E-mail about 4-5 days prior to the event.

When will I start?

Your starting group and starting time will be notified simultaneously as your starting number (see above).

Where can I collect my starting envelope?

Your starting envelope is available for pick up at the event area from 10:00. Please collect your starting envelope at least 30-60 minutes before your starting time.

Important: Remember to bring your registration ID, starting number and a valid identification card.

When will the event start?

The event starts around 11:00 and continues until about 16:00.

Water stations

Keeping hydrated is important when participating in a race. Throughout the course, you will find several water stations where you can rehydrate. Water will also be available at the finish line.

Visit our FAQ section for more info.

Go to FAQ


Getting there

The most convenient way of transportation to the event area is by bike. We encourage everyone, where the option is possible, to travel by bike to the event area. There will be dedicated bicycle parking areas close to the start- and finish zone.

Public transport

For those travelling by bus, there are a few options. From Malmö Central Station, the following buss lines are available and take about 10 minutes.

  • Bus no 2, towards “Västra Hamnen”. Hop off at “Malmö Kockum Fritid”.
  • Bus no 3, towards “Ringlinjen via Erikslust”. Hop off at “Malmö Kockum Fritid”.
  • Bus no 7, towards “Malmö Ön”. Hop off at “Malmö Öresundsparken”.

We encourage you to leave the car at home, if possible, since the options above offer a more smooth transportation. There are a limited amount of available parking spots at the event area. We recommend you to avoid the intersection between Limhamnsvägen/Mariedalsvägen and use the following parking areas. Please follow the parking regulations to avoid any fines.

  • T-bryggan (Limhamnsvägen)
  • Parking area by “Handikappsbadet”, by the Geijersgatan/Ribersborgsstigen intersection.
  • Parking house “Masten”, above ICA Maxi in Västra Hamnen.
GPS Coordinates

55.605969, 12.978234

Eat & Drink

Food court

Food and drink is available for purchase at our open food court. At every event, we do our best to offer a range of food trucks to facilitate all tastes.


At your service
Changing rooms

You will find a closed changing area (one for gents and one for ladies) at the event area. Note that these are generally without heat/water/roof. We recommend you to bring an extra set of dry and warm clothes/shoes for after the race.

Wardrobe / Bag drop

Our participants may use the dedicated bag drop at the event area. Your wardrobe slip is included in your starting envelope (do not lose it!). Although the wardrobe is monitored by our crew, we do not take responsibility for theft and loss of valuables.


Toilets will be available at the event area.

Our concept

During the race, you will encounter a wide range of different obstacles of varying size and difficulty level. Run, walk, jump, crawl or climb. The choice is all up to you. Our courses are designed so that everyone can complete them on their own terms.

Read more


Become a part of the Toughest Crew! Volunteers are our most vital team members during the event. Take the opportunity to contribute to the leading obstacle course race in the Nordics. In return, you will get a free ticket to one of our events.

Count me in!

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