Main race

Our main race is our largest race during the event weekend and is perfect for adults, teams and elite athletes. Experience OCR in its true form. Read more about our concept.

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Family race

Our Family race is designed for children and those looking for a lighter version of our main event. A great activity whether you are running with your kids, friends or colleagues! Read more about our concept.

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Upcoming obstacle races

Event Location Date Price
Sep 4, 2021
RibersborgSep 4, 2021899 SEK
More info
Malmö Family
Sep 5, 2021
RibersborgSep 5, 2021349 SEK
More info
Sep 25, 2021
HolmenkollenSep 25, 2021899 NOK
More info
Oslo Family
Sep 26, 2021
HolmenkollenSep 26, 2021399 NOK
More info
Oct 2, 2021
i-20Oct 2, 2021799 SEK
More info
Umeå Family
Oct 3, 2021
i-20Oct 3, 2021349 SEK
More info
Oct 16, 2021
Lida FriluftsgårdOct 16, 2021899 SEK
More info
Stockholm Family
Oct 17, 2021
Lida FriluftsgårdOct 17, 2021349 SEK
More info

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