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Want to treat someone to a unique and special experience? Look no further! Read more to find out more about our gift cards.

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How to purchase

Follow the instructions below to purchase a giftcard.

Sign up

Visit our events page and start signing up for a race near you. Fill in the participant’s details, i.e. the person who will receive the gift card.

Add gift card

Select the “downloadable gift card” option and make sure to enter your own e-mail address, since confirmation and other details will be sent to this address!

Download & print

When you have completed the payment process, a confirmation will be sent to your e-mail, including a link to the gift card.

Find obstacle courses

The perfect gift
for any occasion

Nothing says I love you like a ticket to an adrenaline packed day of excitement, smiles and world class mud baths. Engaging in activities outside the normal comfort zone is proven to both build and strengthen relationships. If you want to give something truly special, a Toughest gift card is the right choice for you.

Create memories together

An experience best shared

9/10 prefer to run with friends, family or colleagues. The experience simply gets better when shared with others!

When you buy your gift card, don’t forget to purchase a ticket for yourself and take part in a memory that will last long after you have crossed the finish line.

You can do it!

Words from our participants

Customer testimonials

“I loved the energy that surrounded the whole race. Smiling happy people everywhere along the course and event area!”

/ Wilma

“Amazing to see that everyone, both team mates and total strangers help each other out during the race.”

/ Gustav

“Pure adrenaline rush when I beat the Dragon’s Back! I’m afraid of heights, so this was a great moment for me.”

/ Solveig

Obstacles designed for you.

Participate on your own terms

You will encounter a wide range of obstacles along the course. Our obstacles are designed to test your both your physical and mental strength in ways you may not have experienced before. But don’t worry, there are options!

  • Too hard? Take a short jog around our penalty lane instead.
  • Too easy? Try our signature “Fast Lanes” (on selected obstacles) which are more technically challenging versions of the regular obstacle.
  • Race too long? Rest when you need to. Walk when you need to. Just have fun and challenge yourself at your own pace.
Our Obstacles Our Concept

Not in shape?
Not a problem.

You are in control

When participating in a Toughest race you are given total control of the challenge. You don’t need to beat all obstacles, although we encourage you to at least try. Run or walk. You decide! There is no time restriction and you can complete the race in a pace that suits you.

If you need an extra helping hand, make sure to check out our training portal, Get Ready for Toughest, where you’ll find all the tips and tricks you need to prepare for the race.

Get Ready For Toughest

Still not convinced?

No more excuses!

Visit our guide where we have adressed the most common excuses and misconceptions about obstacle course racing. Any thresholds or limitations are entirely in your head and we work hard to make Toughest races available and manageable for everyone.

Stop the excuses and sign up today! You and the lucky recipient will be glad you accepted the challenge.

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Upcoming obstacle races

Event Location Date Price
May 25, 2024
RibersborgMay 25, 2024949 SEK
More info
Malmö Xplore
May 26, 2024
RibersborgMay 26, 2024799 SEK
More info
Malmö Family
May 26, 2024
RibersborgMay 26, 2024399 SEK
More info
Jun 15, 2024
Lida FriluftsgårdJun 15, 2024949 SEK
More info
Stockholm Xplore
Jun 16, 2024
Lida FriluftsgårdJun 16, 2024799 SEK
More info
Stockholm Family
Jun 16, 2024
Lida FriluftsgårdJun 16, 2024399 SEK
More info
Sep 7, 2024
HolmenkollenSep 7, 2024949 NOK
More info
Oslo Xplore
Sep 8, 2024
HolmenkollenSep 8, 2024799 NOK
More info
Oslo Family
Sep 8, 2024
HolmenkollenSep 8, 2024399 NOK
More info
Sep 21, 2024Upcoming price adjustment
KvibergSep 21, 2024849 SEK
Next price increase:
Jun 1, 2024.
More info
Gothenburg Xplore
Sep 22, 2024Upcoming price adjustment
KvibergSep 22, 2024699 SEK
Next price increase:
Jun 1, 2024.
More info
Gothenburg Family
Sep 22, 2024Upcoming price adjustment
KvibergSep 22, 2024349 SEK
Next price increase:
Jun 1, 2024.
More info
Aug 2, 2025
Kläppen Ski ResortAug 2, 2025749 SEK
Next price increase:
Nov 1, 2024.
More info
Sälen Xplore
Aug 3, 2025
Kläppen Ski ResortAug 3, 2025599 SEK
Next price increase:
Nov 1, 2024.
More info
Sälen Family
Aug 3, 2025
Kläppen Ski ResortAug 3, 2025299 SEK
Next price increase:
Nov 1, 2024.
More info

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