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An unique health care package

Tailored for your company

Are you in the process of planning your company health-care program or simply wish to arrange an energizing activity with your colleagues? We offer packages with training sessions at our award-winning OCR gym, Toughest LAB in Malmö (SWE).

Obstacle technique training

You will benefit a great deal from good technique when participating in our races. Learn effective ways to traverse our obstacles so that you can conserve energy and accomplish better results.

Basics in running and running technique

Good running technique is invaluable when taking on 8 km of terrain. We’ll teach you how to run the “right” way to avoid unnecessary strain on muscles and joints.

Physical training

Physical strength is important if you wish to perform well on a Toughest race. Our certified trainers will give you the tools to improve your physique and further develop muscle groups needed for obstacle course racing.

Approved healthcare activity

Both our healthcare package and tickets to the race are approved as tax-exempted healthcare activities. In Sweden (as of 2022), you can allocate up to 5.000 SEK per employee and year in healthcare benefits. Read more about healthcare benefits on the Swedish Tax Agency.


Sign up for a fun and unique health care package which will give your employees a training program out of the ordinary. Number of items and training sessions can be tailored to your needs. Contact us for more information.

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