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Toughest is the leading OCR race in the Nordics. With award winning races, spanning over 80 events in 6 countries and 150.000+ runners, you can be sure to experience OCR at its very best.

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Winner of Best European OCR Race award for 5 consecutive years

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Major updates!

About Toughest 2.0

We are implementing several major updates for the upcoming season. Code name for this project is Toughest 2.0. Visit the Toughest 2.0 page and following us on social media to keep yourself in the loop with all new releases.

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We take great pride in creating events suitable for all flavours. Run or walk, challenge yourself or simply have a great time swinging in our Monkey Bars. Either way, you will leave our event area with a smile on your face and a medal to remember the accomplishment.

Over 40 challenging obstacles on the course

What is OCR?

About Obstacle Course Racing

OCR is an abbreviation for Obstacle Course Racing and is a sport with increasing popularity world wide. Throughout the course, you will encounter a large range of obstacles to climb/traverse/crawl/jump.

Our concept

Safety first

A top priority

Although more intense than a traditional sports event, our injury rate is far less than other common sports such as soccer. We are dedicated to give you the safest and most memorable experience possible.

About the race

Team building

Toughest is a great option for your next team building exercise, health care plan or kick off. Contact us to learn more about our packages and services, tailored for businesses.

For businesses

Run more, earn more

We take care of our returning participants. Create a Toughest Loyalty account and start earning rewards.

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Upcoming obstacle races

Event Location Date Price
Sep 25, 2021
HolmenkollenSep 25, 2021899 NOK
More info
Oslo Family
Sep 26, 2021
HolmenkollenSep 26, 2021399 NOK
More info
Oct 2, 2021
i-20Oct 2, 2021799 SEK
More info
Umeå Family
Oct 3, 2021
i-20Oct 3, 2021349 SEK
More info
Oct 16, 2021
Lida FriluftsgårdOct 16, 2021899 SEK
More info
Stockholm Family
Oct 17, 2021
Lida FriluftsgårdOct 17, 2021349 SEK
More info
May 14, 2022
RibersborgMay 14, 2022699 SEK
Next price increase:
Oct 31, 2021.
More info
Malmö Family
May 15, 2022
RibersborgMay 15, 2022249 SEK
Next price increase:
Oct 31, 2021.
More info
Sep 24, 2022
KvibergSep 24, 2022699 SEK
Next price increase:
Jan 31, 2022.
More info
Gothenburg Family
Sep 25, 2022
KvibergSep 25, 2022249 SEK
Next price increase:
Jan 31, 2022.
More info

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