Before running in our competitive classes (Elite/Qualifier), it is important that you have read and understood the applicable rules. Any deviation from the these may lead to disqualification from the race, applicable competitive class and Tour.

§1 Obstacle completion is mandatory.

Every obstacle MUST be completed in the intended way.

§2 We have staff along the course and their instructions MUST be followed.

§3 Unlimited attempts are allowed on both normal and fast lane.

If you fail to complete an obstacle you have two options:

  1. Get to the back of the queue (if any) and try as many times as you wish.
  2. Return your timing chip to the judge/staff and keep running (without timing and placement) or step off the course and abort further participation completely.

If you fail to complete all obstacles you will not receive a finisher time and no ranking points will be awarded.
Failing/forgetting to return the chip will be considered as cheating and will be handled accordingly

Exceptions to the above rule: 
If we assess that an obstacle, due to e.g. weather conditions, will have an extremely low completion rate, we reserve the right to open a penalty lane in these exceptions. Such exceptions will be announced during the pre-race meeting.

§4 Fast lanes

Selected obstacles has a so called ”Fast Lane”. Fast lanes are alternative routes designed for the participant to save some time by completing a more technical and advanced obstacle. These obstacles are clearly marked with ”Fast Lane” and the course staff will give guidance on spot.

§5 Rule deviation

In case of minor deviations from the rules, the participant will be allowed to finish the race, however the result will not be taken in consideration for points, rankings, qualification etc.

In case of major deviations from the rules, we reserve the right to call the participant out off the course and abort further participation. Any such orders must be obeyed. Violations considered as deliberate cheating can lead to suspension from the whole Toughest Tour and/or applicable competition class.

Specific Tour rules can be found here and must be followed by Tour participants.

Note! Elite and Qualifier heats may be monitored/filmed around the entire course. Cheating caught on film can be used as basis for disqualification.

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