The race in Stockholm will be legendary! More mud and bigger obstacles than any other Nordic race. We also have a few new insane obstacles in our sleeves for the swedish capital but more on that later…. Finally Stockholm will get the obstacle race it really deserves!

Date & Location: 13th of June, 2020. Stockholm, Lida

Double distance (add-on)

Can’t get enough? Make sure to select «Double Distance» during registration. This allows you to run an extra lap at a reduced price.

Distance *

16 KM

Vest included **


OCR WC Qualification ***


* Two laps. All double distance runners will start in an early starting group. There will be a queue by the starting area for the second lap . The second lap must be started before the last regular starting group of the day.

** You will receive a dedicated vest (one-size) at the registration tent at the event area. The vest must be used during the race. You are allowed to keep the vest after the race.

*** To qualify for OCR WC, your second lap must be started within 5 min after the end of your first lap (timing will be paused in-between laps). Your results for both laps will be summarised and used for OCR WC Qualification.

If you’ve already purchased a ticket and wish to add double distance, please contact for more information.


Starting number:

Your  provisional starting number is the one you find in your confirmation mail. This is valid unless you have not be given a different number by the Crew.


Your starting group will be notified by E-mail on Tuesday prior to the event.

Starting envelope:

This will be available for pick up at the event area. Pick up your envelop 30-60 minutes before your designated starting time. Note that registration opens 9.30 and closes 13.00.

Starting time:

The starts will be between 10:00 – 13:30.

Changing-room & wardrobe:

There are temporary changing-rooms and wardrobes at the event area. The wardrobes will be overseen by our staff but are not locked and secured fully.


Toilets will be available on the event area.


Water and other beverages will be available at the finish line and once during the course.



Lidavägen 1,146 33 Tullinge

Free bus transfer:
Together with Botkyrka, Toughest is offering free transfer between Tullinge station and Lida.

  • Bus stop Tullinge station: Römossevägen/Kvällsvägen
  • Bus stop Lida: Lida
  • Departures every 20 minutes
  • Transfer between 09:00 – 17:00
  • You need to change in to clean clothes after the event if you wish to take the transfer bus back.

Lida Friluftsgård, Lidavägen 1, 146 33 Tullinge.
Parking: 500 m before you get to the event area.

Follow directions from our volunteers. All participants and spectators park on the courtyard, ca 1 km from the event area. Parking is free. Volunteers, sponsors and vehicles with handicap permits park at Lida Friluftsgård.

Public transport:
Train or tram to Tullinge station. From Tullinge station you take the free Toughest shuttle to Lida, offered by Botkyrka and Toughest.

N 59  9´ 48.24″
E 17 52´ 54.84″

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