Team Camp


Create your own Team Camp on the event area and give your team a unique experience.


Example image of a possible event area construction


8000 SEK (ex VAT)

3 x 3 m exposure area at the event*
*The price includes exposure area but any materials / printing cost is the responsibility of the purchaser. Toughest can , on request, quote on printing materials if requested 45 days prior to date of event. Are you in need of equipment / tent rental please contact us at

*The price gives right to the surfaces but costs for marketing and exposure material rests on the purchaser. Toughest have the right to refuse any exposure in violation of other partnership agreements and / or considered inappropriate in any other way.

Download a poster and motivate your co-workers to sign up for you team!

Purchase of Team Camp is made at the Company Registration

For more info contact us at

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