With Spaarnwoude we have found the perfect venue. Close to Amsterdam with a good mix of terrain it has everything we need to make the best possible race. There will be mud, water and of course lots of world-class obstacles within the 8 k course.

Date & Location: 15th of April 2017. Spaarnwoude, Houtrak.



Toughest Malmo is this year’s OCR highlight. The race runs along beautiful Ribersborgsstranden and is always a festival with huge crowds.

Date & Location: 6th of May, 2017. Ribersborgsstranden, Malmö


Malmoe – Toughest Family

A fun and challenging race, 2 km and 20 obstacles for kids and adults. From Saturday til Sunday the Malmö race will be transformed into a place where kids and adults can compete together and challenge each other.

Date & Location: 7th of May, 2017. Ribersborgsstranden, Malmoe



The race in Stockholm will be legendary! More mud and bigger obstacles than any other Nordic race. We also have a few new insane obstacles in our sleeves for the swedish capital but more on that later…. Finally Stockholm will get the obstacle race it really deserves!

Date & Location: 3th of June, 2017. Stockholm, Lida


London South

Toughest is ready for a second time in London!

Date & Location: June 17th 2017, Pippingford Park, London


Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes, north of London is in sight for the next Toughest. An OCR race with lush greenery and water (being able to swim is not a requirement).

Date & Location: August 12th 2017, Milton Keynes, Campbell Park, London



Holmenkollen on ehdottomasti yksi makeimmista paikoista jossa voit osallistua Toughest kilpailuun! Paikan oma historia kaikuu areenalla ja kilpailusta tulee entistä rankempi. Tervetuloa osallistumaan elämäsi haasteeseen!

Aika & Paikka: 2. Syyskuuta 2017, Holmenkollen Oslo



Uumajassa sijaitseva alue, I-20, on lähellä keskustaa. I-20 on suuri alue vaihtelevalla maaperällä, joka takaa mainion alustan tiukalle kilpailulle!

Aika & paikka: 16 syyskuu 2017. Umeå , I- 20



Amager Strandpark, probably Denmarks best spot for a Obstacle course! The park is stretching out just by the coast with both grass and sand underneath your feet.  The race in 2014 and 2015 was a huge success with a high amount of different obstacles and a spectacular finish.

Date & Location: September 30th 2017. Copenhagen, Amager Strandpark



Kvibergin puisto on loistava alue esteradalle. Erinomainen kaikille, jotka rakastavat itsensä haastamista vaihelevassa ympäristössä.

Aika & Paikka: 7. Lokakuuta 2017. Göteborg, Kviberg