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Terrain Course

When you complete a Toughest race, you will encounter a wide range of different terrains. Grass, sand, gravel, clay and water are some of the elements you will face during the 8 km long course. Every event and city is unique and we do our best to adapt the course to take full advantage of the surroundings.

Challenging obstacles

Our obstacle course races will on average contain about 40 obstacles of different sizes and difficulty levels. It is important for us to create courses which everyone, regardless of fitness level, can complete. You can therefore choose between different options on many obstacles – “Fast Lane” for those wanting an extra challenge or “Penalty Lane” for those whom wish to pass.

Safety first

Safety is a top priority for us. Since obstacle course races may induce more risks compared to more traditional sports events, we take extra precautions to ensure that our participants can complete the race as safely as possible. Medical staff is always present during our events.


On Toughest events, it is important for both participants and spectators to have fun. To help you get in the mood, we have placed speakers at the start and end zone.


When you have completed our obstacle course race, you deserve a special memento for this achievement. All participants will receive their very own Toughest medal to hang around their necks.

Finisher photo

A picture can say more than a 1000 words. By the end zone we have placed a photographer to capture your finish. Show us your best victory pose and freeze the moment! The picture will be publshed on our Facebook page.


It goes without saying that everyone, regardless of fitness level and ambition, should be able to complete the race. On many obstacles, you will therefore be able to choose from several options. Normal lane – for those wanting to complete the regular obstacle. Fast lane – for those wanting an extra challenge and gain some time. Penalty round – for those wanting to pass and complete a more simple challenge instead.

Which path do you choose!?


Our main race is held on the Saturday and is perfect for adults, teams and elite athletes. First start is kicked off during the morning where our Elite and Qualifier groups will consecrate the course. New groups will then start about every 5 minutes. If you’re not participating in the race, you are welcome to join the festivities at our large event area. Take a seat on the bleachers, grab som food or check our featured products from our sponsors.

8 km terrain course

On the course you will encounter 8 km of varied terrain.

40 obstacles

Every event contains 40 obstacles of varied size and we make sure to update these on a regular basis.

6 fast lanes

Choose our Fast Lane if you want an extra challenge and gain some time.

Penalty rounds

Is the obstacle to hard? No problem. Choose our penalty round and continue the race.


All participants will receive a chip which will track your time. The results are posted on our website.


Running as a group? Sign up as a team to ensure that you get the same starting group.

Elite / Qualifier

Do you wish to compete with our Elite and qualify for the world championships? Read more here.


The more the merrier. Round up your friends and compete as a team!

Event area

At our event area, you will find food, music, bleachers and shops. Come on down and join the festivities!


Toughest Family is the perfect activity for the whole family. Give your kids an experience that won’t be forgotten easily.

2 km terrain course

Our family race is a shorter, more child-friendly version of our main race.

20 obstacles

During the race, you will meet 20 hand-picked obstacles which even young toddlers can complete.

6 family lanes

Is the obstacle too hard? Try our “family lane” for a more simpler challenge.

No penalty rounds

There are no penalty rounds on the Family course. Give it your best try and move on the next obstacle if you can’t complete.

No timing

Our Family events are all about having fun. We have therefore omitted timing during these events.

From 5 years

Children must be accompanied by an adult. We recommend a minimum age of 5 years. Age is based on birth year.

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