Get Ready For Toughest

Prepare yourself in the best way possible for the most awesome challenge this fall! We now offer a startpack where you get a startticket to any Toughest race, 4 Open sessions and 1 PT-session at Toughest LAB for 1900 kr (total worth 2500 kr).

Contact to book your Toughest pack and get ready to beat your obstacle!

[Open session]

We offer training for everyone! OPEN SESSIONS are our group trainings. We have everything ranging from beginners to individual trainings and high intense obstacle trainings and even family sessions. The Beginners session is suited for those who wish to have the basics and train in your own pace. Toughest Trainings are our high intense sessions where we use the obstacles and equipment to push our selves in different work outs. Play gives the possiblity to train on your own, maybe try out a new obstacle or do some technique training. The Family session is a workout and play time for parents and kids together. Read more about the sessions here:

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Beginner 200 SEK
Toughest Training 200 SEK
Play 200 SEK
Family 200 SEK (1 Adult & 1 child)
Outdoors 50 SEK

BOOK A SESIONSchema-01 Schema-02 All the Open Sessions are instructed by a PT and divided into different categories: Beginner and Toughest Training, Play and Family. Spots are limited to 30. Showers and changing rooms are available.



This sessions gives the basics to obstacle course races and training. The level is adjusted to your level and something that everyone can manage. This will make you more comfortable with the obstacles and overcoming them.


Toughest Training

High intense obstacle training where we utilize equipments and use the obstacles in our work out. The session always begins with 30 minutes of Play time to test and train individually before the mayhem begins.



Play is a session where you are given the possibility to train and test on your own. You can do whatever you like. One PT is always there to help out and motivate if you need it.



Bring your kids and family to the training. At our Family sessions you train and play together with your kids on the obstacles. An instructor is there to coach you through different exercises and challenges. One adult and child for the price of 1.



We do functional outdoor training in Beijers park and Pildammsparken regardless of wheather. Our workouts focus on running, strength and mobility training as well as strengthening the individual and the team.

[Group Session]

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1 Session
4-8p 3.000 SEK
9-12p 4.000 SEK
13-30p 5.000 SEK

PT- held group sessions for companies or private persons. You book the LAB for an hour and train with one of the LAB:s PT:s. Contact for bookings and more info.

[PT hour]

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Monday – Friday

1p 600 SEK
2p 1000 SEK


1p 1000 SEK
2p 1500 SEK

Individual training sessions with one of the LAB:s PT:S. We offer individual training to all levels and even for those who wish to train together in pairs or bigger groups. If you wish other times than the ones in the calendar, contact

[Discount cards]

Do you work out often? Discount cards are offered for both PT-sessions and Open Sessions and gives 25% discount on the price. For companies that offer Health care benefits (friskvårdsbidrag) you can save the receipt and receive your health care bonus from them.

[Gift cards]

Do you wish to give away something extraordinary? Challenge a friend, family or colleague for a session at the LAB!