World class OCR Training camp

12-19 April 2020

Toughest training camp is an unique experience for all OCR heads. Enjoy a week of OCR focused workouts in the nearby and amazing environments of coastal Spain. We workout at the beach, in the mountains and of course at the largest OCR centre in Europe – Mike’s gym.

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What’s included

12-19 April 2020

  • Training every day at Europe’s largest outdoor obstacle training course.
  • 24/7 access to crossfit box, gym equipped with resistance, boxing, cardio and free weights training.
  • Fitness inspired meal buffets (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  • 10-14 coached training sessions.
  • Timed competition on Mike’s Gym Assault Course.
  • Workshops in mobility, running and strong man.
  • Living quarters in cozy cabins right at Mike’s Gym.
  • Transport to and from Malaga Airport (Sundays).

Price from 9 500 SEK.
(Please note that flights are not included in the price)

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Only 32 spots available! First come, first served.


Shared bedrooms of two or four persons in each room. The room is literally right at the gym.

All meals will be served at Mike’s gym.


Toughest will provide transportation to and from the airport on the given times (Sundays). If the participant chooses to arrive with flights at other times, Toughest will not cover those expenses.


See the schedule by clicking on the link below.

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Reviews from some of our participants

“I’d do it again! Best experience ever! Loved it, learned a lot, got stronger, got to meet other people like me (new experience!), got to meet and be trained by elites, got sun burned, ate good, slept a lot, relaxed.” – Emmy Rannikko

“This was easily one of the best “vacations” I’ve been to; The people, training, instructors, camp, food – everything.”
– Madeleine Bäckström

Training sessions

We will offer 3 training session per day and unlimited possibilities for free training.

Obstacle training, technique/strength: Technique and strength training on the obstacle course.

Strong man/Combat zone training: Technique and strength practice on heavy lifting and utilising the right muscles for each exercise.

Mountain running: Day trip to the beautiful mountains. 3 groups run, jog or hike.

Run: Running in different speed groups will be offered each day with different themes such as technique, speed, threshold and running strenght/mobility.

Mobility: Active, dynamic mobility training. With purpose to maintain or increase mobility. Mobility training’s effects are less injuries, increased well-being, improved athletic performance and a better posture.

Assault course: Race the whole course on time with all the obstacles, strong man lifts and burpee penalties (on Saturday).

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Karin Henderson

Toughest Head Coach

Michael “Mike” Ritchie

Founder Mike’s Gym

Krister Sellman

Elite Athlete & former Toughest Tour Champion.

Karin Karlsson

Elite Athlete & former Toughest Tour Champion. World champion 2019.

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