Oscar Salazar

Coach & PT – Best OCR instructor 2017 (Socra awards)

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Oscar has a passion for spreading joy and movement. To him, movement is simple and something everyone has a right to. In his efforts to spread training across the city, he is involved in a project called “Träna i Parken”, where participants describe him as “very dedicated, professional, sympathetic, warm, positive, knowledgeable, kind, empathic, humble and happy”.

Oscar has his roots in martial arts, having a black belt in kick boxing, in which he also is a licensed group instructor at Svenska Budo & Kampsportsförbundet. He uses his training in martial arts to teach functional and holistic training through his own business Revolution Fitness. Oscar is also an licensed instructor within “Ruffle Training” and “Bulgarian Bag”.

Oscar is responsible for our Family classes and has many returning PT clients at the LAB.


Christoffer Larsson

Coach & PT

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Training and competing has long been a big part of Christoffer’s life. To help others to success is a great incentive for him, which lead him to start his business “Coach Christoffer”. Christoffer has a love for anything in the realm of heavier, rougher and harder training equipment, such as heavy ropes, sledge hammer, tires etc. His has a natural strength and talent to get even the most die-hard couch potato to actually find training fun, indoors and outdoors.

Christoffer is a licensed personal trainer, graduated from The Academy. In addition to personal training in- and outside the LAB, he is also involved in the group training form called “Caveman”.

Christoffer is responsible for our classes Toughest Training and Toughest Strong.


Krister Sellman

Elite athlete & Coach

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Krister won the very first edition of Toughest (2013) and has been hooked on OCR since. The competition has hardened for every year, but so has Krister. He has an impressive track record, including an OCR World Championship Gold in his age group.

Few know that Krister started running relatively late in his life and has prior experience in surfing, skiing and climbing. Krister proves that endurance, all-around fitness and humbleness is a great recipe for success. He is a licensed naprapath and co-owner of the business “Naprapatlandslaget”.

Winner of Toughest 2013, OCR WC Gold in his age group 2016, 2:nd place on the Toughest Tour 2016, 2:nd place on the Toughest Tour 2018.


Jens Jexmark

Coach & Inspirerer

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Jens has been with Toughest from almost the beginning. Founder of “Gripen OCR”, he and his team travels the world to fill their needs of OCR. If you’ve ever met someone with a speaker on their back during our races, it’s a good chance that it was Jens.

Jens is responsible for our Play classes on Mondays.

Johan Lilienberg

Toughest Certified Trainer

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Johan ran his first Toughest race at the age of 39. 3 years and 30 OCR races later, he wishes to spread his knowledge and love of a up-and-coming sport.

His sessions are focused on mental and physical training and teaches the basics in functional training needed for obstacle course racing.

Johan is a trainer at our Toughest Training classes and is also available for booking of individual PT sessions.


Karin Forsberg

Toughest coach

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Karin is one tough lady and has run all Toughest races, chasing the Elite. She has respectable experience of OCR racing and will give you the tools you need to succeed.

After seeing a friend run a Toughest race, she decided to sign up for our race in Malmö and has been hooked ever since. She prefers weight lifting and other heavy lifting and enjoys swinging in our nunchucks, fast lanes and other obstacles. When she’s not practicing the Flying monkey, which happens to be her favorite, she prefers running up hills.

Karin is a trainer at our Play classes on Sundays.

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