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Things you must know before your race

To make your race as fun and safe as possible, it is important to read this page carefully. Get useful tips, important info and other details regarding your race. It is your responsibility to know all the rules before participating.

We wish you a great day on the course!
/ Toughest Crew

Let’s begin!

Before the race

Find your starting time

The startling list will be published on the event page about 3-4 days prior to the event. Visit the page for your race and click on the “FIND STARTING TIME”. Search by name, registration id or team name. Find your event page

Change your ticket

Changes to your registration and/or starting group is not possible at this point. In case of extraordinary unforeseen circumstances (e.g. funerals, family emergencies etc.) we will of course do our best to help you out. Please note that response times may be prolonged.

If you’ve signed up late and want to run with your team mates, talk to our team at the registration tent and we’ll arrange this for you.

No unauthorized changes of starting groups are allowed. Starting outside of your designated group may render disqualification.

Last minute tickets

Has your friend decided to join? Great! Online registration is still open and last minute tickets are sold at the Registration tent early on race day. Talk to our team at the registration tent and we will arrange so that you start in the same group. Note that last minute tickets are limited.

On race day

Get your starting envelope

Your starting envelope can be collected at the Registration tent at the event area. State your name and starting number.

Have your starting number ready before entering the registration tent. This makes the process smoother and reduces queues. 

Remember to bring a valid id and please collect your envelope 30-60 min prior to your starting time, as there may be queues.

The course

The entire course will be marked with signs, tape and flags. Follow these and stay within their boundaries. 

Always follow and never cross the course tape. Some obstacles have several options (fast lane, penalty, family lane). Choose the one that suits you. You have unlimited attempts on each obstacle.

Read more about how it works at our concept page.

What to wear?

Toughest is an obstacle course race which will put your clothes and gear to the test. Prepare yourself to get sweaty, muddy and wet! Not sure what to wear? Read our tips here!

Don’t forget to bring an extra pair of dry & warm clothes for after the race. Gloves, shirts and other merchandise will be sold at the event area.


Information regarding transportation & parking can be found on the event page for your race. Make sure to read it for smoother logistics. Find your event page

Medical assistance

A trained medical crew will be present at the event. In case of injury, notify one of our team members or volunteers and they will call for medical assistance.

Run at your own risk

We do want to emphasize that you participate at your own risk and it is important that you beat each obstacle in a controlled fashion.

Many obstacles (at the Main Race) will have penalty rounds which you can choose instead of the obstacle. If there is no penalty round, you are of course able to skip the obstacle entirely and continue to the next one.

If you’re running with underage participants, it is your responsibility as an adult to make sure that they can complete the obstacle without putting themselves or others in danger.

Each choice you make is yours and please consider your physical status before each obstacle. Also make sure that you have your insurance in place. You are not insured by Toughest and we can not be held responsible for injuries.

Timing chip (Main race)

Your starting envelope can be collected at the Registration tent at the event area. State your name and starting number (as specified in the starting list) and our team will give you your envelope.

The chip must be placed securely around your ankle. Tip! Cover the chip with your socks for extra security. If not placed properly, your race time might not be recorded. Make sure to step on the timing mats at the start and finish!

All timing chips are personal and must be returned after the race. There will be a chip removal station after you have finished the race. If you abort the race, forget, or for other reasons don’t cross the finish line, you must return the chip to our team at the registration tent or at your merchandise shop.
Please note that missing or lost timing chips are subject to a 400 SEK fine.

Obstacle tracking (Main race)

Our world-unique obstacle tracking system will track your completion on selected obstacles. Take the penalty round if you are unable to complete an obstacle (do not run back to step on the obstacle tracking mat after taking a penalty round!).

Your personal stats will be available when you create a free account and join a league at Toughest Challenger. Sign up for Toughest Challenger

Double Distance (Main race)

If you have a Double Distance ticket, you are going to run two laps (Respect!). Ask for your Double Distance vest at the Registration tent. There will be a dedicated entry and exit at the start and finish line. Make sure to step on the timing mats when starting and finishing each lap!

Elite & Qualifiers (Main race)

A pre-race meeting will be held by the starting area about 30 minutes before the first Elite start of the day. The meeting is mandatory for anyone running in our competition classes (Elite & Qualifier). Make sure you have read and understood all the competition rules!

Fast lanes & Penalty rounds (Main race)

Do you know the rules?

On many obstacles at the Main race, you will be able to choose from several options. Normal lane – for the regular obstacle, Fast lane – for an extra challenge (and gain time), Penalty round – to pass and do a simpler challenge instead.

Which path will you choose!?

After the race

Get your medal

Collect your well-deserved medal when you cross the finish line!
Don’t need it? Help us reduce the waste by returning the medal to the dedicated bin, located by the registration tent.

Finisher photos

A photo podium will be available after you cross the finish line. Smile for the camera and celebrate your accomplishment! Photos will be published on our Facebook page shortly after the event.

Photo & Video

There will be professional photographers capturing images and videos during the event. Footage will be published on our social channels the week after the event.

Results (Main race)

Results can be found by visiting the event page for your race. Click on “RESULTS” to find your time.
Tip! Get enhanced results and stats by creating a free account and joining a league at Toughest Challenger.

Get tickets for next year!

Tickets for next year’s race will be released the same day as your race. Sign up early to get the cheapest tickets available.

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What should you wear?

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