Toughest LAB

Toughest LAB is a 600 sqm big obstacle gym with tons of obstacles and training equipment from our races. We offer individual coaching and training for groups. The options are limitless. 



Fun obstacletraining Training that makes a difference Sessions for all levels
Under tuition of our experienced instructors you can train on obstacles such as the ramp, dragons back, flying monkey or rings. We offer PT-sessions as well as group-sessions. Toughest LAB is the perfect event for your buddies, family or company and creates both team spirit and a common goal. Choose from beginners, family, toughest training or a PT-session. Everyone can train at the LAB.

Campus board Monkey Bar & Rings Ramp & Dragons Back
 Griptraining with lists and variations of pegboard Techniquetraining on adjustable monkeybar. flying monkey and ring traverse Adjustable ramp and dragons back with an extra plateau for specialized training
Big Wall & Over / Under Ropeclimbing & TRX Treadmills and functional training
Classic obstacles like big wall och over / under likt våra race TRX and ropes for griptraining, technique and core training Focus on cardio to train on obstacles with a high pulse

Functional training Interval-based Cardio Obstacle training 
High intensity functional training with the use of body weight exercises and equipment. Focus on cardio, gripstrenght and core. Cardio is done through tredmills and our 50 meter long artificial grass track the runs through the LAB. The focus on cardio is to simulate the feeling of doing an actual race and facing the obstacles with a high pulse. We train on the obstacles with high intensity and with training equipment. Sandbags can make even the simplest wall into a heavy obstacle.
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