The I-20 area is located in Umeå and has varied terrain which is perfect for an awesome obstacle course.

Date & Location: May 26th 2018. Umeå, The I-20 area.



 Starting number:

Your  provisional starting number is the one you find in your confirmation mail. This is valid unless you have not be given a different number by the Crew.


The heat you will belong to will be published one week before the race. This info will be sent by e-mail and published on

Starting envelop:

This will be available for pick up at the event area. Pick up your envelop maximum one hour before you start.

Starting time:

The starts will be between 11:00 – 16:00.


Toilets will be available on the event area.


Water and other beverages will be available at the finish line and once during the course.


Student Discount

Sorry, this entry is only available in Swedish.


Bike: The most efficient way to get to the race area is by bike. We encourage everyone get to the race area, if possible, by bike. It will be a lot of parking lots for bikes near the start/finish.

Car: It´s only around 200 parking spots available at the eventarea. Beside that we advise people that arriving with car to park at public parking spots.

Public transport with bus:
Bus number 8 “Riktning Ö Ersboda”
From”Vasaplan” to “Nygatan”

Bus number 3 Riktning Regementet
From “Vasaplan” to “Östra Grinden”

Bus number 8 Riktning Tomtebo via Vasaplan
From “V.Ersboda Centrum” to “Regementet”


GPS-koordinater: 63.837376, 20.266232  

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