The I-20 area is located in Umeå and has varied terrain which is perfect for an awesome obstacle course.

Date & Location: June 6:th 2020. Umeå, The I-20 area.


Starting number:

Your  provisional starting number is the one you find in your confirmation mail. This is valid unless you have not be given a different number by the Crew.


Your starting group will be notified by E-mail on Tuesday prior to the event.

Starting envelop:

This will be available for pick up at the event area. Pick up your envelop maximum one hour before you start.

Starting time:

The starts will be between 11:00 – 16:00.


Toilets will be available on the event area.


Water and other beverages will be available at the finish line and once during the course.



Bike: The most efficient way to get to the race area is by bike. We encourage everyone get to the race area, if possible, by bike. It will be a lot of parking lots for bikes near the start/finish.

Car: It´s only around 200 parking spots available at the eventarea. Beside that we advise people that arriving with car to park at public parking spots.

Public transport with bus:
Bus number 8 “Riktning Ö Ersboda”
From”Vasaplan” to “Nygatan”

Bus number 3 Riktning Regementet
From “Vasaplan” to “Östra Grinden”

Bus number 8 Riktning Tomtebo via Vasaplan
From “V.Ersboda Centrum” to “Regementet” 

GPS-koordinater: 63.837376, 20.266232  

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