Holmenkollen is one of the most spectacular places to run Toughest at! This race will be tougher than ever before. Join us for this legendary race and accept the toughest challenge of your life.

Date & Location: August 29th 2020, Holmenkollen Oslo.



Starting number:

Your  provisional starting number is the one you find in your confirmation mail. This is valid unless you have not be given a different number by the Crew.

This will be available for pick up at the event area. Pick up your envelop maximum one hour before you start.


Your starting group will be notified by E-mail on Tuesday prior to the event.

Starting time:

The starts will be between 10:00 – 16:00.


Will be available a the event area.


Toilets will be available on the event area.


Water and other beverages will be available at the finish line and once during the course.



Bike: Bike racks and/or bike parking will be available.

Car: There are some parking lots at the event area. However we recommend you to use other transportation if possible. If you go by car set your GPS at Holmenkollen.

Public transport: Take Metro 1 to Frognerseteren to get to Holmenkollen. Metro stop: Holmenkollen. It will take you 10 minutes to walk from the station to the event area.

GPS-coordinates: 59.9631688, 10.6706757

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