Toughest TRAINING CAMP weekend edition

6-8 th June 2019 – Båstad Sweden

Toughest Training Camp Båstad is for those who want to get away for a weekend that includes everything: OCR – which is one of the most fun forms of training, spa and relaxation, good food and a community with like-minded people in Sweden’s summer city number one – Båstad.

activities of the weekend

  • Two different levels of training groups  level 1 and level 2 will be offered. From beginner’s level – for people that’s just interested of training and would like to try OCR out,  to people that want to compete in OCR on a higher level.  Hence, the training fits everyone and each individual will get the maximum out of the training camp
  • Toughest will build a OCR-park where you can test selected signature obstacles
  • Three workouts per day in the Obstacle, Cardio and Strength categories
  • Accommondation at Sweden’s most luxurious beach resort Hotel Skansen, spa and Kallbadhus included (value 5250 SEK)
  • Full board with 3 meals per day (Value 2000 SEK)
  • On Sunday, a Sprint Relay competition will be organized exclusively for the Toughest Camp participants with great prizes
  • The camp will end with a party at the classic spot Pepe’s Bodega for all participants


Hotel Skansen Båstad Hotel and Spa has recently been appointed to northern Europe and Sweden’s most luxurious seaside resort. Spa, gym, cold bath and breakfast / lunch / dinner included.  If you want to share a room with any participant or family member or just want to live in a single room,  please send us an email to karin@toughest.se after your registration.


Obstacle park – At the center of Båstad beachfront, Toughest will build an obstacle park with selected signature obstacles from Toughest

Beach training – Functional training focusing on body weight exercises, but also with tools like sandbags and Bulgarian Bags

Toughest training – Functional exercise with obstacles and body weight. High-intensity and fun obstacle course with Beat your obstacle mentality

Run – Running in different speed groups will be offered each day with different themes such as technology, speed, threshold and running force / mobility

Mobility – Active, dynamic mobility training. The purpose of maintaining or increasing mobility in connection with physical activity. The effects of mobility training are reduced injuries, increased well-being, improved athletic performance or a more healthy attitude.


Schedule will be available soon



Karin Henderson

Camp Organizer /Toughest Coach

Johan Liljenberg

Toughest Coach 


Pro athlete 

To be revealed soon

Toughest Coach

To be revealed soon

TOUGHEST TRAINING CAMP weekend edition – Only 45 SPOTS

5450 SEK – 30 November

5950 SEK – 30 th April

Camp without overnight stay  – ONLY 20 SPOTS

2950 SEK – 30 November

3450 SEK – 30 April

First to serve

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