Why you should become a certified trainer

  • Right to coach and instruct as a Toughest Certified Trainer (The right is individual and may not be applied/transferred to any connected gyms).
  • Listing at toughest.se.
  • Differentiate and sharpen your CV as a PT/Coach with an unique and sought after skillset.
  • Expand your potential customer base through Toughest’s marketing channels.
  • Possibility of being a guest trainer at Toughest training events.
  • Gain new perspectives on training & movement.
  • Education and increased understanding of today’s fastest growing sports phenomenon, OCR.

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Toughest is the leading OCR brand in the Nordics and was the first to have a training facility dedicated to OCR.

Since 2017, we have educated 65+ Certified Toughest Trainers and the program is appreciated amongst our participants. Apply today and become a certified coach in Toughest Training.

What you’ll learn

Obstacle Technique:
Learn to master the techniques in our various obstacles.

Exercise Archive:
Methods and exercises for training and developing the different skillsets required for obstacle course racing.

How we should create workouts with different difficulty levels for individuals as well as small/large groups.

Injury & Prehab:
How and what do you need to train to avoid the most common injuries associated with OCR.

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What you’ll get

Included in the certification

The course

  • A full day of education.
  • Lunch, fruit & water on the day of education.
  • Digital logo package for online use (Certified Trainer)
  • Listing on Toughest.se (approx. 30 000 unique visitors per week)

Certified trainer box

  • 2x T-shirts (Toughest Certified Trainer)
  • Diploma, Certified Trainer
  • Season Pass to Toughest (Free entry to all Toughest races the current year)
  • 4 free workout sessions at Toughest LAB, yearly


Certified personal trainer or equivalent work experience/knowledge.


7 500 SEK incl. VAT. Part payment is possible, however the full amount must be paid before the course date.

What next?

Send an application through our form and we will respond as soon as possible.

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