For the first time Toughest is heading for Finland! August 18 th we are coming to Vörå. At Norrvallas you will face terrain, forest and water in an varied and great course. At these grounds lots of skiing and orienteering events have been held but this will be the first OCR. With a mix of our award-winning obstacles this race will be something special never seen in Finland before!

The course is 8 km long with 40 obstacles and you can choose to run the main race with timing and penalty rounds 10:00 – 13:00 or Toughest Fun Run without timing and penalty rounds 13:00 – 15:00.

Start list is found here


Date & Location: 18th of August, 2018. Norrvalla, Vörå, Finland


Toughest Fun Run

Photo by jacquesholst.com (more on website)
Creative Commons BY:SA:NC

Toughest Fun Run

Are you a little bit afraid of Toughest? Then we have a new concept Toughest Fun Run for you and your friends! Run without timing and you choose which obstacles you want to beat without getting any penalty.  

  • No Timing
  • Starting time 13:00 – 15:00
  • No Penalty
  • Just för fun 



Starting number:

Your  preliminary starting number is the one you find in your confirmation mail.

Starting envelop:

Available for pick up at the event area from 10.00 (non-elite). We recommend that you pick up your envelop 30-60 minutes  before your designated start time. Or you can pick up envelopes the day before at Vivobarefoots concept store at Davidshallstorg, Malmö.

Starting time:

The starts will be between 10:00 – 15:00.

Changing-room & wardrobe:

There are temporary changing-rooms and wardrobes at the event area. The wardrobes will be overseen by our staff but are not locked and secured fully.


Toilets will be available on the event area.


Water and other beverages will be available at the finish line and once during the course. There will also be food & beverage for sale for the audience.


Food will be sold at the event area.



Course map

Big map Obstacles
Graphic map


Hotel Norrvalla:

You can book accommodation in Norrvallas  own hotel and stay  at the venue. The hotel has 150 beds so the seats are filling quickly.

Reservations at norrvalla@folkhalsan.fi, or call + 358 6 3831012.

Here you can see which rooms look like https://www.folkhalsan.fi/en/hotellit-ja-leirinta-alue/hotelli-norrvalla/hotellihuoneet/

Price from 85 euros / room incl. Breakfast / night

Hotel Vaasa

Want to live in the city of Vaasa to book Cumulus resort Tropicland until 23.6 of june https://www.cumulus.fi/hotellit/vaasa/cumulus-resort-tropiclandia-vaasa

The hotel will change its name to Scandic Vaska 23.6 of june and then you can book www.scandichotels.fi. With the code TOUGHEST you get a better price and free shuttle to the Toughest Vörå venue.


By Wasaline from Umeå:

On friday 17.8 the boat arrives 23.45 (22.45 Swedish time)

 Order of transport to the event area via the organizer no later than 12.8 finland@toughest.se



Set your GPS on Norrvalla. However, we recommend that you ride together to save the environment.

By train through Seinäjoki:


Order of transport to the event area via the organizer no later than 12.8 finland@toughest.se

By bus from Vasa:

Preliminary departure from Vaasa at 9:00 from Scandic to the event area. Pre-booking takes place at finland@toughest.se

By boat from Umeå:

Order of transport to the event area via the organizer no later than 12.8 finland@toughest.se


63.153791, 22.268780


There is limited parking by the event area with room for 300 cars. Parking costs 5 € per car.

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