Älmhult Family

Datum & Plats: September 13:th, 2020. Älmhults Handelsplats, Älmhult.

Toughest Family is a fun and challenging race for kids and adults alike. Through an unique collaboration with Ingka Centres, we are now able to host a full-scale Toughest event in Älmhult! Working closely with Älmhults Handelsplats, we will create an event unlike anything in the region.

Read more about our Family concept here.



All obstacles at Toughest Family are adapted for children. The adjustments are made in height, length & difficulty.


Start number:

Your preliminary starting number is specified in your confirmation e-mail. This number is valid unless notified otherwise.

Start groups:

Your start group is announced via E-mail, on Tuesday/Wednesday before the event.

Start envelope:

Collect at the event area between 30-60 minutes before your starting time.
Please note that you will need your start number as well as a valid ID.

Starting time:

Main race: Preliminary starting times are between 09:00 – 16:00.
Family race: Preliminary starting times are between 11:00 – 13:30.

Changing room & wardrobe:

There are temporary changing rooms and wardrobes at the event area. We recommend that you change to dry and warm clothes after the race. The wardrobes will be overseen by our staff but are not locked and secured fully. We do not take responsibility for any valuables.


Available at the event area.

Food and beverage:

Water and other beverages will be available at the finish zone as well as on the course. Food and beverages will be available for purchase at our food court.

Transport and parkering:

More info coming soon.


Work as a volunteer and receive a free ticket for one of our races. Sign up here: http://www.toughest.se/en/volunteers

Answers to other common questions can be found here:



What distance is the race?

The race is 2 km and includes 20 obstacles. Toughest standard obstacles are arranged to be fun and challenging for children and adults.

Who can run Toughest Family?

5-13 year olds together with one or more adults over 18 years. There has to be at least one adult and one child in every registration.

Age limits?
Toughest Family is a race for children and adults who want to run together. Therefore is the recommended age adults and children between 5-13 y/o. It’s the year you are born that counts, 5 y/o. If there are older siblings who want to participate they are welcome to join. Younger siblings have to wait, because of safety reasons.

Do I need to know how to swim?

No – not necessary. There will be water obstacles, but these are voluntary. If you choose not to do these obstacles, there is another way.

Is it safe?

We always put safety first and the numbers of injuries are relatively low, almost in comparison with a playground. To get around an obstacle course involves, by definition, different physical efforts. Having said that, scrapes and sprains can occur just like on a playground. There will be medical personnel in the event area, on the course and in the water. It is important that the guardian / responsible adult helps children to assess the obstacles and to decide which once to complete together.

What level is it?

Your level! If you can’t do it by yourself, you can do it together with your teammates. Our courses are designed so that everyone can make it. A lot of obstacles have alternative ways that are easier, therefore it is up to you to set the bar depending on your conditions.  

What happens if I can’t complete an obstacle?

You can try it again or keep running and make the next obstacle.

If I am a child, do I need to run with my parent?

No, you can run with whatever adult you choose.

If I am an adult, do I need to run with my child?

No, you can run with whatever child you choose.

Toughest’s history?

Toughest started in Malmö 2013 and was then Sweden’s first great obstacle race. Today we arrange races in four different countries and over 120 000 people have run our races.

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