Toughest Elite

Toughest Elite


Elite is a part of the Toughest Tour, cosisting of 80 men and 80 women competing about the ranking points before the final where they are converted into seconds in the chase start. Elite is always the first starting group, to compete as Elite you must have qualified during the previous season. You qualify by comepting as Qualifier.

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Prior to each season Toughest Crew will notify all who have qualified to Elite.  You can either qualify thru the ranking points of the Toughest (top 20 placement) or European Championships in OCR ( top 20 elite class) and  World Championships of OCR ( top 40 elite class)

To compete as Elite you have to participate in at least 4 races during the season.

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Elite is divided into one men & women-class where each has its own starting group. The first 20 placed men and women receives ranking points and has the chanse to qualify to the final in Copenhagen.

Prizes Elite icons-03 Elite icons-04 Elite icons-05

Toughest Tour Final:

1. 3000 €

2. 2000 €

3. 1000 €

Prize ceremony Elite icons-06

The winners of Elite are presented at 12:00 and the prize ceremony is held on the event area.


The 20 best rankings of Elite men & women gets Toughest Tour ranking points according to the table. It is thus only the athletes in the Elite and Qualifier groups who are able to receive Toughest Tour ranking points.

Toughest Tour ranking points can be aquired through all standard races and will be compiled on the webpage.

Your rank on the Toughest Tour top-list is based on your four best ranks throughout the year and the ranking points is the basis for your rank in the chase start during the finals in Gothenburg.

In the finals the 20 men & women who aquired most ranking points during the year will start. The points are converted into seconds head start in the chase.

Top-list, rules and more information about the Toughest Tour is found here.

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