Elite Qualifier


This starting group is for those who wants to commit to the sport OCR and have the ambition to compete the Elite but not yet managed to qualified. You will run with other like-minded athletes and start after the Elite. The purpose is to give you the best conditions to take ranking points and thereby qualify for the Elite next season.

Each standard Toughest race has room for 60 men and 60 women qualifiers.




You must meet one of the following criteria to be able to compete as Elite Qualifier. Application is made in connection with signing up for a race.

  • Top 50 position in a Toughest race
  • 10K men: sub 39min / 10K women: sub 45min

Proof that you meet the criteria is sent to elite@toughest.se by attaching a screenshot of your results from any race. Submitted applications without proof will not be processed.

Men & Women-class

Elite Qualifier is divided into a men & women class where each has its own starting group.

Placerar sig Qualifier top 20 gentemot både Elite och Qualifier erhåller de rankingpoäng. Vid säsongen slut kan de 5 bäst placerade Qualifiers flyttas upp till Elite, förutsett att de har mer rankingpoäng än de 5 sämst placerade Elite.

Qualifier placed top 20 against both the Elite and the Qualifiers will receive ranking points. At the end of the season, the 5 best placed Qualifiers is promoted to the Elite, provided that they have more ranking points than the 5 last positioned Elite.