Toughest Elite

Competition rules

Deviation from the rules leads to disqualification from the Elite/Toughest TOUR. At lesser deviations from the rules the participant can finish the race but the result will not count.

Greater deviations from the rules can lead to volunteers calling the participant out off the race course and that must be obeyed. Violations that are seen as deliberate cheating can render suspension from the whole Toughest Tour. Specific Tour rules can be found here.

Obstacle completion is mandatory

Every obstacle MUST be overcome in appointed way. There are race volunteers around the course and their instructions MUST be followed.

All obstacles must be completed by Elite athletes

Several attempts is allowed for both normal lane and fast lane

If you fail an obstacle you have 2 options:

1.Get to the back of the queue (if any) and try as  many times as you wish

2.Give up and return your time chip to the judge/volunteer and keep running (with no time result or placement) or stop the race

Note! If you fail to complete all obstacles you will not receive a finisher time and no ranking points will be awarded

If athlete fails/forget to return the chip this will be considered as cheating and will be handled accordingly

Exceptions to the above rule: If we judge that an obstacle due to weather conditions will have an extremly low completion rate, we will open the penalty lane in these exeptions – If so this will be announced in the pre-race meeting

Fast Lane

At some obstacles there is a so called ”Fast Lane”. This is another possibility for the participant to earn some time by completing a more advanced route over selected obstacles. These obstacles are clearly marked with ”Fast Lane” and the race volunteers will give guidance on spot.

NB! During 2019 the Elite heat (women and men) will be /watched/filmed around the whole course and even cheating that is caught on film can form the basis for disqualification

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