Winter Camp, Malmö (SE)


Toughest Winter Camp

1-3 Feb 2019

Eat, train, sleep, repeat.

Toughest Winter camp is the perfect opportunity to combine training in one of Europe’s largest OCR facilities and hanging out with like-minded.


Scandic Segevång, part in double room or single room (extra).

Like to participate without overnight stay? (2995 sek)


Obstacle technique: Become more efficient and faster through obstacles. 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Expert.
Toughest strong: Pull, push and press different objects to become a stronger athlete.
Toughest training: High intense, fun and functional obstacle training.
Running/outdoor training: Outdoor training with focus on running and intervalls.
Mobility: Active, dynamic mobility training. With purpose to maintain or increase mobility. Mobility training’s effects are less injuries, increased well-being, improved athletic performance and a better posture.
Sprint: Compete in our own local OCR sprint course..


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karin 11222097_909893525768388_2348974338426155202_o christoffer superhildern-coach

Karin Henderson

Toughest Head Coach

Krister Sellman

Elite Athlete & Toughest TOUR 2014 Champion

Christoffer Larsson

Toughest Coach

Hilde Rørvik Nordstrand

Elite Athlete & Coach

What’s included

  • Total of 8 training sessions in the world’s only Toughest gym (Toughet LAB, Malmö Sweden).
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Accommodation at Scandic Segevång, with access to their spa (ca 2 km from Toughest LAB).
  • Entrance fee and lunch at Kallbadhuset Ribersborg.
  • T-shirt and goodie bag on departure day.

Single room + 700 sek/ No accommodation – 1000 sek

Read more about Toughest LAB here.

From 3 995 SEK

First come, first served


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