Vörå/Vaasa – Orienteering

The world’s first OCR Orienteering race!

Toughest Orienteering is a team race with two members per team that will try to find as many obstacles and collect as many points as possible in the shortest period of time.

Date & Location: 17th of August, 2018. Norrvalla, Vörå, Finland



Changing-room & wardrobe:

There are temporary changing-rooms and wardrobes at the event area. The wardrobes will be overseen by our staff but are not locked and secured fully.


Toilets will be available on the event area.


Water and other beverages will be available at the finish line and once during the course. There will also be food & beverage for sale for the audience.


Food will be sold at the event area.



– Who can find and beat all the obstacles first?

The world’s first OCR Orienteering will be launched in Orienteering’s home country Finland. In the deep forests of northern Finland the teams will fight through obstacles and tough terrain with the compass around the neck until the sunset.




Team Competition

You are competing in teams of 2 people.

There are three classes; Ladies, Gents & Mix. 


Competition structure

  • Mass start
  • Gun time
  • Approx. 15 obstacles that you must complete together as a team
  • Approx: 20 obstacles that are from the Toughest course and these obstacles must be done individually
  • Obstacles must be managed properly according to the rules to get a stamp and point´s
  • Approx. 15 KM – 20 KM running
  • One map and compass per team
  • More detailed rules are presented one week before the race by email
  • Maximum time on the course: 5 hours, the team must cross the finish line before the cut-off time to not be disqualified


Who can find and beat all the obstacles first?

The team that collects most points by finding and completing obstacles or controls in the shortest time wins Toughest Orienteering. In which order to complete the obstacles/controls is up to you and a part of the strategic game// exception for the ramp that must be the last obstacle.

Points will be awarded to the team on the obstacles/controls and the score will be varied due to many different aspects such as level of difficulty and availability.




  1. 500 €  team och class
  2. Season pass Toughest
  3. Gears from Toughest

Award ceremony takes place on Saturday at 12:00.



13:30 – 15:00 Lunch / Dinner

15:30 Race meeting

17:00 Start

23:00 – 23:10 The competition ends



Tent: All teams have the opportunity to set up a tent at the site Norrvalla Camping with no extra cost between 17-18 August.

Hotel: You can also book rooms at Norrvallas hotel at a cost of 85 € per room/night. The hotel has a total of 150 beds, so first come first served.

Booking norrvalla@folkhalsan.fi or call  +3586 383 1012



A lunch buffet is included between 13:30 and 15:00.


  • 20% discount on the Toughest ticket for Saturday’s Main Event in Vörå. Code is sent with the registration mail.
  • Free shuttle to Vasa Airport read more under “Transportation”

Included in the price

artboard-11 Map  artboard-9 Compass  artboard-10 Medal  artboard-13 T-shirt  artboard-16 Medicare

artboard-14 Energy  artboard-12 Drinks  artboard-17 Food  artboard-15 Accomodation

Orienteering Obstacles


80 Points

Cliff Jump/Dive down

Jump down the  high cliff and swim out and dive down to the control. Both runners needs to jump the cliff and dive down.

Uphill Bucket carry

400 m of 50 KG bucket carry uphill

50 points

Five Orienteering Checkpoint

Find the inaccessible checkpoint´s out in the woods

30 points

Tire Swamp

Grab a tired one each and run thru the swamp and back again

Digg a Weaver

Digg under the lumber climb over the lumber repeat 5 times

Climb the tree

Climb the tree to you reach the control

Pull cliff tire

Pull the tire up the 20 m high cliff

Pull a tire

Pull a tire 800 m one each

Swim and grab

Swim out to the float

20 points


Run/Climb the 5m ramp, both team members need to get up the ramp

Stone to stone

Carry/lift the heavy nature stones up at a 3 m high the lift will divided into 2 lifts

Wreak bags

400 m wreak bags up a mountain


Carry a 3-4 m long Pole together up a 5 m high cliff with help of a rope.

15 Points

Pole Climb

Climb the Pole, ring the bell!

Stone rope

A rope hanging down a big stone at a height of 3,5m. Help your teammate up on your back and climb the stone

Flip the tire

Flip a tire each 100 m

Hold on the rope

Throw the rope over the bar and hold on at the same time as the other teammate climb the rope

10 Points

Down Under 

Climb the ladder upside down then do a transition to the hanging board without touching the ground

Swing Walk

Move yourself forward using the different grips hanging down. The obstacle is about 5m long

Rope Climbing

Climb the rope to a height of 5m and ring the bell


Swing with the rings to get to the other side. The obstacle varies in total length, but the rings is always hanging with 80cm intervals and hangs down about 80 cm from the stand. Height above ground varies

Ninja Jumps

There are 2 ways to do this. Either you take it slow and stop and grab every the platform after each jump
In the second option, you don’t use your hands and instead jump from platform to platform without stopping
In this technique speed and timing is the essential

Traverse rings

Move the rings one by one in a controlled motion from peg to peg until you have crossed the whole pipe. Make sure you have a good grip on the rings since you will be hanging with your whole body weight on one hand while moving the rings



Finnair from London: about 200 € return ticket

Finnair from Oslo: about 200 € return ticket

Finnair from Copenhagen: about 200 € return ticket

SAS from Stockholm: about 120 € return ticket

Finnair from Helsinki: about 100 € return ticket

Free airport shuttle from Vaasa Airport:


To the event – The last flight from Helsinki lands at 14:10 local time. The bus is waiting outside the airport and takes you directly to the event 5 kilometers outside Vaasa in Vårö.


Return bus – 13:00 from the event area in Värö. Everyone who sign up for Saturday’s Race through the Tuffest Orientation Discount Code is placed in an early start-up group before 10:30 so that everyone can returning 13:00 to the airport.


Return bus – 13:00 from the event area in Värö. Everyone who registers for Sunday’s Family through the Tuffest Orientation Discount Code is placed in early start-up group before noon. 10.30 so that everyone comes with the return bus at 13.00 to the airport.


Set GPS on Norrvalla. However, we recommend that you go together to save on the environment.

GPS coordinates:

63.153791, 22.268780


There is a parking lot at the event area for about 300 cars and costs 5 € per car.


Anmälan och Lagnamn?

Anmälan sker separat person för person därför är det extra viktigt att ni väljer samma lagnamn och kategori att tävla i.

Vilka hinder kommer vara med?

Det kommer ert lag få reda på när startskottet har gått och ni hämtar er karta på startlinjen.

Behöver man kunna orientering för att deltaga?

Orienteringen kommer vara på basnivå så det man behöver veta hur man läser en karta och hur en kompass fungerar. Detta kommer även att göras en presentation om på race meeting hur man ska förhålla sig till dessa två enheter. Alla som vill kan deltaga i detta lopp.

Om man ej klarar hindret?

Då klarar man inte kontrollen vilket betyder att man inte får en stämpel eller poäng för hindret. Mest poäng vinner Toughest Orientering och laget får olika poäng på hindret beroende på svårtighetsgraden och hindrets placering. Du får testa hindret så många gånger du vill.

Fast lane eller ej?

Ett par fastlane kommer vara med i tävlingen och du behöver klara dessa för att få en  stämpel/dess poäng på det hindret.  Man får testa fast lanes hur många kommer man vill under denna tävling.

Penalty rounds?

I denna tävlingen måste du klara hindret för att få en stämpel/poäng. Så det är inga Penalty rounds i denna tävling.

Funktionärer deras roll?

Funktionärer kommer avgöra om ert lag klarar hindret eller ej och har slutgiltig makt om ni får en stämpel i ert protokoll eller ej.

Vad får man medtaga i tävlingen?


Endast karta och kompass som är tilldelas vid start och tävlingskläder/skor och det är även valbart att medtaga pannlampa. Laget får även ta med sig vätska och nutration såsom gel och bars men om papper och dylikt skräp ertappas längs med banan blir laget som har gjort sig skyldiga diskade.

Ej medtages:

Mobil och GPS-klocka eller någon annan gps-baserad enhet som kan hjälpa dig med vilken position du har.

Finns det någon åldersgräns?

Rekommenderad ålder är 18 år men med målsmans underskrift via forumläret så få personer under 18 år deltaga om dem springa tillsammans med målsman.

Resultat och prisutdelning?

Ett officellt reslutat kommer redovisas till den officiella prisutdelningen kl 12:00 på lördagen.



Price is per participant

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