The Kviberg area in Gothenburg is an ideal area for a Toughest race. It’s a high intensity course. Perfect for anyone who like to get their heart pumping.

Date & Location: September 26th, 2020. Gothenburg, Kviberg Park.

Double distance (add-on)

Can’t get enough? Make sure to select ”Double Distance” during registration. This allows you to run an extra lap at a reduced price.

Distance *

16 KM

Vest included **


OCR WC Qualification ***


* Two laps. All double distance runners will start in an early starting group. There will be a queue by the starting area for the second lap . The second lap must be started before the last regular starting group of the day.

** You will receive a dedicated vest (one-size) at the registration tent at the event area. The vest must be used during the race. You are allowed to keep the vest after the race.

*** To qualify for OCR WC, your second lap must be started within 15 min after the end of your first lap (timing will be paused in-between laps). Your results for both laps will be summarised and used for OCR WC Qualification.

If you’ve already purchased a ticket and wish to add double distance, please contact info@toughest.se for more information.

Personal video from Garmin

Download your personal video from Toughest Gothenburg, delivered by Garmin.
(Gothenburg 2019)

Enter your start number below to find your video.



Ilmoittauduttuasi kilpailuun lähetämme sinulle sähköpostilla alustavan lähtönumeron. Tämä numero on voimassa jollei kilpailunjärjestäjä anna sinulle uutta numeroa.


Aloitusryhmänne ilmoitetaan sähköpostitse tiistaina ennen tapahtumaa.


Kirjekuori noudetaan paikan päältä viimeistään tunti ennen omaa lähtöaikaa.


Lähdöt on alustavasti suunniteltu klo. 10:00-16:00 väliselle ajalle.


Pukuhuoneet ovat noin 300 m päässä tapahtuma-alueelta.


Tapahtuma-alueella ja pukuhuoneissa on WC-tiloja.


Juomapiste on maalialueella ja kerran radan varrella.
Tarjolla myös muita virvokkeita.




Type in Nedre Kaserngården 1 in your GPS, and you will find the entry to the parking lot, thereafter you walk up towards the event area.

Public Transportation:

Take the tram 6, 7 or 11 (towards “Bergsjön” or “Kortedala”) Jump off at “Kviberg”


57° 44.769′, 12° 2.568′

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