• To be able to start in Elite you need to apply for minimum 4 standard races (including Gothenburg)
  • To gather ranking points in the Toughest TOUR you have to start in the Elite group.
  • All (7) standard races are accountable for points in the Toughest TOUR, but only the four best counts.
  • Racing in more than four races maximizes chances of getting higher score, but is no requirement.
  • Toughest TOUR is only for Elite men & women. Teams or Veterans are not part of the tour.
  • Only Elite men & women can take podium at a Toughest race
  • To have the chance to become the tour winner you have to start in the final in Gothenburg
  • Toughest wish that all winners are present at the prize ceremony.
  • The Elite gathers for a race-meeting at the start. The race meeting is held 60 min before the mens start.


  • Ranking points are only acquired through standard races:  Malmö, Umeå, Stockholm, Vörå, Oslo, Esbo and Copenhagen
  • Ranking points are acquired according to the rankingsystem.
  • Only Elite can acquire ranking points.


  • The participants who are top 20 in each class have the chance to participate in the chase-start of the tour-final.
  • The participant has to have a start certificate.
  • Acquired points will be counted as seconds in the finals during the chase-start. 1 point = 1 second.
  • Prizes will be handed out to the three first over the finish line in each class.
  • Top 20 ranked participants will be contacted one week before the finals.



Prize payment

The prize money can be paid out in 2 ways

    1.  We pay it out as a salary – Swedish employment tax and income taxes = payment
    2. An invoice is issued to : Other Buns International AB ,Fack 1980, Box 3037, 831 03 Östersund, on the actual prize amount.


  • Participants are obliged to keep themselves updated on Tour & Competition-rules. Competition rules can be found here.
  • Toughest have the right to disqualify participants if founded to be breaking the rules.
  • The Race Management have 60 minutes after each race to announce disqualifications.
  • Film and / or photo material that can be derived from disqualification must be presented to the competition management within 72 hours and disqualification must be announced within 72 hours to the affected athlete



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