Marshals is a vital part of Toughest and we are looking for dedicated people to help us improve the race experience

Toughest is an 8km obstacle race with 40 obstacles.

The marshalls at our race play a very important role and is the last link between the Toughest organisation and it´s competitors.

If you are looking for a fun day filled with cheering on the contestants, then being a marshal is perfect for you!

We are looking for people who is +18y/o, have a good sense of humour and provide good service to our guests.

There are many different positions where you can work as a marshal, you should pick those that appeal the most to you.


  • Big obstacles
  • Small obstacles
  • Merchandise shop
  • Finish Line
  • Finish line photo (some experience is required)
  • Registration
  • Water pit stop
  • Bag drop
  • Host/hostess

How to apply

Email us your application!

Choose your subject line depending on event ”Marshal ”

We need your application to contain the following information:

  • Name
  • Age
  • 2 positions where you would like to work
  • E-mail and phone number
  • Previous marshal (or similar) experience if you have any

In return you get a free entry to a Toughest (standard) race.

And of course, when you send in your application, you know that you are free for the race day!

Amsterdam, 15th  April 2017
Malmö, 6th May 2017
Stockholm, 3rd June 2017
London South, 17th June 2017

London North, 12th August 2017
Oslo, 3rd September 2017
Köpenhamn, 30th September 2017
Göteborg, 7th October 2017