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Toughest Training
Toughest training is the session for you who want to train on obstacles, but also for high intense, fun and functional training. The session is built up on three focus areas: strength, cardio and obstacles. This is the session if you want to take it to the next level. No pre-requirements are needed.

Suitable for: All

Play is for you who wishes to train on your own or just try out some techniques.  The only thing the is different from free training is that PLAY is instructor based so you have the possibility to get an extra hand or some technique tips during this session.

Suitable for: All

Family is for the entire family. You train together with your child/children and challenge each other in a fun workout together with an instructor.

Suitable for: All

Beginner is the perfect first step to Toughest. Each class includes aspect of the elements below.  We recommend everybody to try out Beginners.

Suitable for: All

Climb Jump Run
A first introduction to the hanging and grip parts of Toughest. Obstacles that we train on: monkeybar, rings, rope climbing. A lot about mental strength. The obstacles we face: Irish table, Sternum checker, Big wall, Dragons back och the ramp. Running is the common denominator of obstacle courses and hence a natural part of our training sessions.

Large groups / companies

Company training
Is your company in need of a common goal to strive for? Are you searching for a new challenge or a team building activity? Then sign up for a Toughest Race! We offer customized trainings for your group, even over a long time. We believe in challenges as a motivational booster and as a way of strengthening the company. Contact: for more info on prices and bookings.

Suitable for: All

Obstacle courses are great as an activity and event. Everyone can participate at his/her level and challenges can be adjusted to meet the person. Obstacles are also very straight forward and evoke the big feelings such as hope, fear, despair and joy in a great mix. The sessions are usually structured with technique tutorial,testing time followed with a workout or challenge, but all bookings can be customized on request. To book or learn more, contact:

Suitable for: All

Smaller groups/ Personal Training

Many choose to book a PT-session to learn more and get more techniquetraining. It can be wise to train without having people around when you need to focus on a big challenge. Others choose PT in group to do it as a team. Whatever you choose, you will have an hour with our experienced instructors that help you reach your goals.

Suitable for: All

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