Toughest LAB

Group class

200 kr/person   booking here

Larger group / Company

Minimum 5 persons

Groups Toughest LAB
Number of participants Price Time Instructors
5 (min) 2 000 kr 60 min 1
6-10 3 000 kr 60 min 1
11-19 4 000 kr 60 min 1
20-25 5 000 kr 90 min 1
20-30 6 000 kr 90 min 2
Contact for booking

Personal Training

Maximum 4 persons

1H 1P 750 kr
1H 2P 1300 kr
1H 3P 1700 kr
1H 4P 2000 kr


Group classes
Toughest Race discount
Open training
All Toughest LAB members can be participate on all group classes. No extra charge. Book your spot through the booking system. All members have 15% discount on all the races Toughest arranges. Write to us for your discount code Will be available soon during 2017
6 months 600kr / month
12 months 500 kr / month
With a valid student ID you will receive a 100kr discount/month.
You can pay with credit card, we can send you an invoice or by signing up for automatic payment service via your bank.
You could either buy the Membership on Toughest LAB or  e-mail.

Bemannade Öppettider

Vattenverksvägen 44

21221 Malmö, Sweden

Mon Tus Wen Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Info good to know
  • Toughest LAB  will offer Open Training soon during 2018. But for now join us on Group Classes. More info about the Group Classes here and book your spot here.
  • Read about our terms


Valid for all Group Classes

1500 kr
Purchase your 10-times on Toughest LAB or e-mail.

Health care contribution

With your Toughest Membership you will get health care contribution. Show the receipt you get on your e-mail to your employeer.


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