Sign up/Registration

How do I make sure to be put in the same starting group as my friends?

– If you are registered as a team you will automatically be put in the same group. If you are less than four persons (minimum for a team) still write a team name if you want to start together. Note that the system is case sensitive, and the same spelling is a must for this to be applied.

Can I choose start time?

No. You cannot select the start time when you sign up for Toughest. We apply the principle: the earlier you register, the earlier you start. A lower start number may therefore indicate an earlier start time.

Can we register a company and pay by invoice

Yes. As a company, or a larger group, you have the opportunity to sign up and pay by invoice.

Read more here: http://www.toughest.se/en/business/registration-2/


Can I buy a ticket the same day as the race?

Yes, we also sell tickets on site. NOTE, this applies as long as the race is not sold out.

Pay your ticket in the shop, bring the receipt to the registration tent where you will get your starting number.

If you buy a ticket on the spot, you will get into the nearest starting group or by you a preferred one

Price: Main ticket SEK 950 / ticket, Family SEK 400 / ticket.

Please note that we only accept payment by credit/debet card


Is there an age-limit to participate in Toughest?

For the mainrace the age-limit is 18. unless you have an approval signed by your guardian/parent.

Note that you need a written approval from our team before you sign up for the race. Send the form to info@toughest.se

Download the underage application here 

For Family race there is no age-limit but recommended lowest age is 5. Of course, you as parent know your child best and we leave it to you to judge whether your child is mature enough to participate. Child – children must be accompanied by an adult. The team captain must be an adult and can run with as many children as he/she finds appropriate


Can I sell/transfer my ticket?

All tickets are personal and personal identification is needed to get the starting envelopes. Name changes are possible up to 7 days prior to the race. This is free of charge if tickets is purchased with “enable changes” otherwise a transfer fee of 299 SEK (app 29 EUR) is charged at the transfer. Link to transfers is found here

Can I change the city on my ticket?

No. It is not possible to change city on the ticket. Here we recommend that you make a transfer if you are not able to use it

Something is wrong in my registration, what should I do?

Send us an email at  info@toughest.se and we will help you

I can’t find my booking confirmation, what do I do?

If your booking confirmation is lost you can email us at info@toughest.se State your first and last name, reg ID, and/or email address that is registered.

We then do a search for you in our system, then we send the booking confirmation again to you.

Start lists/Start groups

How do I find out my start time?

The start list is created after the registration is closed and is presented on the Tuesday before the race. You will receive an e-mail when the start list is released, and it is also available on our website.

For the Family race the lists will be released Wednesday before the race

Starting times are normally from 10 -Elite & qualifier and from 10:30 – 10:45 for regular starting groups

Can I change starting group?

No. It is not possible to switch from one start group to another. The start groups are planned so that there is a steady flow on the track, to avoid queues.

If you have very strong reasons (flight or similar that can be proven) please send us an email and we will of course try to help you.



Event area

Is there changing rooms and somewhere to leave bags?

Bag drop: We always have staffed area for baggage drop. With every starting envelope there comes a luggage tag to be put around your bag. Note that we cannot be held responsible for items lost and also note that the bag drop could be roofless (in case of bad weather make sure to put protection round the bag such as a plastic cover)

Changing rooms: We have changing areas for men/women but note that these are roofless and without additional heating. Hence make sure to bring dry clothes and change as quick as possible after your race to stay dry and avoid getting cold.

The race

Are there any electrical obstacles on the track?

– No. Toughest doesn’t think there is any point of having obstacles created to distribute physical pain through electric shocks. You will feel pain and fatigue anyway. Naturally. We promise.

What does it take to manage Toughest?

– 8 km in terrain with over 40 obstacles …. of course, that’s not a walk in the park. However, we believe that attitude and mental strength is more important than physical peak performance. You cannot place yourself in the top tier unless you are absolutely in top shape both in terms of strength, speed and endurance. However, this is mainly a personal challenge and you can get around the track on your own terms. When you finish it, you will surely be among the toughest you know.

Do you have to pass all the obstacles? (Regular start groups)

No, the obstacles are a part of the race, but you are welcome to help each other in order to get past them. If you fail, you can also choose the penalty run instead. This consists of 150-200 meters of running.

The most important thing is that you always keep yourself inside the marked track.

Note that if you are Elite or Qualifier you must complete all obstacles

Do you have to be able to swim in order to participate?

Yes- There might be shorter distances of swimming (max 20 m) so you should be able to swim. However there might be ways around this on some courses so if you are insecure please contact us at info@toughest.se to get a specific answer for the race you intend to sign up for!

For Family you don’t need to be able to swim as you always can walk pass these obstacles. All children are offered life vests for the water obstacles

What is a penalty run?
If you for some reason cannot complete an obstacle you can choose to do the penalty instead. This consists of a 150-200 meter run.

Once you completed the penalty you can continue on the course

What is a fast lane?
On some of our major obstacles we offer a more difficult option, called fast lane. These obstacles are harder than the easy lane but if you are strong and have good technique you can save some time as you don’t need to complete the follow obstacle

What is a follow obstacle?
If you do the easy lane toy need to complete a follow obstacle as net pyramids or crawling and over/under. Everybody can do these obstacles but takes a long time.  If you complete the fast lane you can skip the follow obstacle

What is a Family lane
On the Family race we have made all our major obstacles easier for the kids.There is one or two lanes for kids and some more lanes for the parents/adults

Can I wear spike/metal studded shoes?
No, we do not allow the use of metal studded shoes as these will ruin or obstacles and may harm other participants

Do I need to wear gloves?
It’s very individual if you need gloves or not. If you are not used to hanging much, we can recommend that you use gloves as these protect your skin and keep your hands warm for better grip. We sell our Grip gloves in our shop at the event area or in our web/shop

Is there timing on the course?
Yes, in each starting envelope there is a timing chip connected to your starting number. You need to wear this chip around your ankle throughout the entire race to get a result. The result is presented in our website minutes after you finished

Is there medical staff in case I get injured?
Yes, we always have a medical staff on the event area. You can always get help in their tent. If you get injured on the course they have ATV:s available to come and help you where you are.

Do you have water stations?
Yes, we serve water 2-3 times along the course and at the finish line. Please bring water before start or if you are a spectator as we only can provide water for participants on the course

After the race

Where can I find the results?

As soon as you have crossed the finish line you will be able to find your results on our website. Assuming you have placed your timing chip as instructed.

If there is something wrong or your time is mising please contact resultat@est.se

Where can I find the photos from the race?

The finisher photos will be published on our FB page approx. 1 week after the race

Other photos from the course might take longer as we have to wait for each photographer to submit them to us.

As soon as we get the them, we will publish and share it with you on our FB page


§1 As a participant, you are required to know all the rules of the race (see below)..

§2 As a participant, you are required to follow all the rules below. When you stand at the starting line – you obey our rules!

§3 All participator participate at YOUR OWN RISK. Toughest disclaims all liability for damages to the participants and their equipment. If any participant or their equipment and/or cloths are hurt The organizers are NOT responsible. We recommend all participants to have insurance for this kind of activity.

§4 All registration for Toughest is final. The organizers will not refund any registration, for any reason what so ever.

§5 The organizers reserve the right to change the race whenever they want.

§6 There will be a marked path, follow it.

§7 Toughest is a challenge at all levels. If someone needs help, help them!

§8 If you get injured, or if you notice someone getting injured during the race you are obliged to call for the staff-team’s attention.

§9 The minimum age to participate is 18 years. If you have not reached 18 yet, you will need your parents to contact Toughest for a permission.

§10 The Race Committee reserves the right to cancel the race. If this occurs, the entry fee is payed back, but no compensation for travel or hotel etc is repayed.

§11 Alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden while running the race. If suspected to be running under the influence, race management can disqualify and stop participants from running.

§12 Drugs that are classified as doping are not allowed.

§13 All changes in your registration (transfers, team name etc) have to be done at latest 2 weeks before the race. All requests after that point will not be handled.

§14 Toughest have photographs on every single event. Both pictures and film will be taken. As a participant at Toughest you give your permission for Toughest to use this material in what ever way they want. This also includes third party partners (such as but not limited to) timing partners and sponsor partners.

§15 You will be given a chip when picking up your start envelope. This chip is used for time keeping. It should be attached at the lower end of your leg, around your ankle. If the chip is not returned to Toughest, you will be debited 200 SEK

Toughest is arranged by:

Other Buns International AB (ex. Nexthand AB)

Vattenverksvägen 44

212 21 Malmö


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