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Leading education in the sports world’s fastest growing phenomenon OCR.

Toughest is the leading brand in the Nordic region and was also first with a training facility dedicated to OCR. Apply today and become a certified coach in Toughest Training.

This education is for you who already is a trained PT or have equivalent experience / knowledge.


  • Right to coach / hold training at your local place as the Toughest Certified Trainer (note the right applies at individual level and not any gym)
  • Listing at toughest.se
  • Stand out and sharpen your CV as a PT / Coach / Coach with a unique and sought after skillset
  • Possibility of new customers through Toughest marketing channels
  • Possibility of being guest trainer at Toughest training events
  • New perspective on training & movement
  • Education within and understanding of today’s fastest growing sports phenomenon (OCR / obstacle course)

Next available date & location:

25th of November 2017, Toughest LAB, Malmö FULL BOOKED

16th of December 2017, Toughest LAB, Malmö. FULL BOOKED

Spring 2018 – TBA


  • Obstacle Techique – Learn to master the techniques in our various obstacles
  • Exercise Archive – How do you best practice the different qualities required by OCR
  • Workouts – How do we create workouts with different difficulty levels for individuals and for small / large groups
  • Injury / Prehab – How and what do you train to avoid the most common injuries within OCR


  • Breakfast and Lunch on the day of education
  • Digital logo-package (Certified Trainer, for online use)
  • Listing on Toughest.se (app. 30 000 unique visitors / week)

Certified Trainer Box including:

  • 2x T-shirt (Toughest Certified Trainer)
  • Diploma Certified Trainer
  • Season Pass Toughest 2018 (Free entry to all Toughest Races 2018)
  • 4 Free workout sessions at Toughest Lab / yearly


7 500 SEK inc. vat. (The possibility of split payment is available, however, the full amount must be paid before course date) 


  • Certified personal trainer or equivalent work experience.


Sofie Modin
Pia Kind Sofie Modin Susanne Hives Tobias Sjöberg  Tom Johansson
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