Andreas Sjölin Namn: Andreas Sjölin

Bakgrund: OCR is something that got Andreas attention from the moment he heard that Toughest was gonna start up an OCR in Malmö 2013. Since then he has competed in most of the Toughest races as well as other races in Norden and Europe. When it comes to his own training Andreas prefers functional training, versatility and agility. Andreas has been an instructor for several years in Box, Boot camp, CX, Grit and TRX, among other, at Nordic Wellness. He has been Head Coach for the outdoor based Mayhem Workout and worked with the Malmö City Initiative Träna i Parken. Furthermore, Andreas has a degree in teaching History and English as well as background in the army as an Air Force Ranger and peace keeping soldier in Kosovo.

”OCR is all about being versatile, open for changes and being able to meet obstacles in the smoothest way possible. I aim to live my life outside the course in the same way. – Andreas Sjölin”

What is OCR, Obstacle course racing? To me, OCR is about functional training in it´s right environment. You have to be able to run, jump, climb, lift and crawl to beat obstacles and finish the race. Everyone is born with different conditions and strengths but anyone can participate. OCR is about mental strength as well as physical. It is about seeing the obstacles in life and on the track as challenges to overcome, says Andreas.


annept_bild Namn: Anne Andersson

Bakgrund: Anne worked for many years as a dancer and musical artist. She taught dancing at the balett academy in Gothenburg and here in Malmö. Anne is a licenced personal instructor educated at The Academy and has her own business Anne PT. She is also an instructor in TRX, running, Yoga and Qigong.

“I love teaching, new challenges and learning new things. Training is my passion and I would love to help others achieve a healthier life!” – Anne Andersson

My tips for Toughest: Be well prepared! The race will be more fun and you can enjoy more of the course. Train your weakest links. If you are a runner, consider focusing more on training your strength. Are you a strong gym guy, focus more on endurance. Toughest OCR is an amazing challenge which tests your strength, agility and endurance. Anyone can finish it according to his or her ability. Good Luck!


Erik Namn: Erik Henriksson

Bakgrund: Erik has a passion for training and everything about it. Erik sees obstacles as challenges and is constantly on the lookout for new challenges. Erik is a Licenced personal trainer and dietist, educated at DS Personal Training School as well as Vivobarefoot Certified Master Coach, educated by Lee Saxby. Since 2012 Erik has his own business Skånefitness which focuses on the bodys natural bio mechanics and functional training. Together with Anne Andersson they took care of the Toughest Trainings 2014 and are part of it 2015 as well.

“Putting theory into practice, with different hypotheses and go back to accomplish it is amazing to work with daily. Everybody can work out, but not even 1% can do it right!” – Erik Henriksson

[Toughest Ambassador & PT]

Sellman Namn: Krister Sellman

Bakgrund: Toughest first winner! After the premier race of 2013 Krister got a thirst for Toughest and have since then trained hard to defend his position. 2014 he won the Toughest Mini Tour and further on participated in the OCRWC in Ohio which resulted in a 2:nd place in the team competition and 12:th place in the individual race. Versatility is key in Kristers training. A lot of time is put in running in terrain with different obstacles, but he is also a skilled surfer, climber and skier. By profession as a naprapath Krister has extensive knowledge of the body, training and injuries.

” In OCR athletes with different backgrounds meet on equal terms. Versatility is premiered and the most complete athlete will stand victorious.” – Krister Sellman


toughestpfoil Namn: Antonio Riveras

Bakgrund: Antonio has a great passion for functional training and every aspect that involves bodyweight training and natural movement. Antonio is a lic. personal trainer and nutritionist educated at DS Personal Training School and is also an internationally certified Progressive Calisthenics Coach. Antonio runs his own personal training business, City Fitness PT, which focuses on calisthenics bodyweight training with elements from gymnastics and street workout. Antonio trains with his clients at the citys local parks and outdoor gyms.

”Being strong, agile and explosive and at the same time retaining the natural movement and flexibility we humans are meant to have – that is the goal with my training! ” – Antonio Riveras

My tips for Toughest: Tips for Toughest Race: Work on your weak points. Grip strength, agility and explosiveness, are probably the most common aspects everyone should work on, regardless of training background. Specifically train for the race without neglecting your weak points. Also, don’t forget your endurance and intervall training! Go hard!