Malmö Sprint

For the first time… Classic distance. World-class obstacles. 

As a part of Toughest 2.0, we are now launching a brand new concept: Toughest 400m Sprint. Push yourself to your limits in an obstacle packed 400m course. During the evening you’ll get multiple attempts to shave seconds off your result. Do you have what it takes to claim the sprint throne? Sign up now, only 500 tickets available.

Date & Location: Maj 8th, 2020. Ribersborgsstranden, Malmö

Registered participants to our main race (Malmö, 09 May 2020) receive a 50% discount for the Sprint. Use your registration id (found in your confirmation e-mail) as discount code during sign-up.

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Limited tickets








OCR WC Qualification


Multiple attempts


Event start



Extraordinary rules

§1 “One-try lane” on your first attempt. Then the “retry lane” must be used.
§2 Any bells that will mark the end of an obstacle should be hit by a hand (and no other part of the body)

Unless stated otherwise, our standard race rules apply.



Det kan være vanskeligt at få en parkeringsplads til sin bil. Indtast T-Bryggen eller ”Malmö Kallbadhus” på din GPS, hvis du vil ankomme i bil. Begge parkeringspladser er med indgang fra Limhamsvägen.

Offentlig transport

Gå til Malmø Centralstation og skift derefter til bus.

bus nr. 2 i retning mod ”Västra Hamnen”. Stå af ved ”Malmö  Kockum Fritid”.
bus nr. 2 i retning mod ”Ringlinjen via Erikslust”. Stå af ved ”Malmö Kockum Fritid”.
bus nr. 7 i retning mod ”Malmö Ön”. Stå af ved ”Malmö Öresundsparken”.


55° 60.5578′, 12° 97.671′

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