Toughest Elite



Everyone competes with their individual time, but are you over 40 years old you also compete in the Veteran class in different age groups 40-44, 45-49, 50-54 and 55+.

Veterans is divided into a men & women class.

Veterans race group: 

Each Toughest Standard Race has 80 starting tickets for veterans men +40 and 80 starting tickets for veterans women +40. The tickets are divided into 20 best veterans per age group.


Men: Age group: 40-44 and 45 – 49 Under 43 min at 10 KM or top 120 at Toughest

Age group: 50+ under 46 min at 10 KM or top 150 at Toughest

Women:40-44 and 45-49 Under 50 min at 10 KM or  top 100 at Toughest in the women´s division

50+  under 53 min at 10 KM or  top 120 at Toughest in the women´s division

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The top 10 men and women in every age group competing in the veteran class in one of our Toughest races qualify for the OCRWC.

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